The Outcomes-Based Education (OBE) is an educational theory that bases each part of an educational system around outcomes. By the end of the educational experience, each student should have attained the outcomes and are prepared for the “rest-of-life"context by applying what they have learned from their course or program.

The OBE framework guarantees that curriculum, teaching and learning strategies, and assessment tools are continuously enhanced through the evaluation process. This learning process follows the Deming Cycle or the PDCA Cycle consisting out of a logical sequence of four repetitive steps for continuous improvement and learning: Plan, Do, Check and Act. The PDCA cycle is adopted by the University through Plan-Implement-Assess-Improve periodic process.


In the process of Syllabus Writing and Review, Course Learning Outcomes are aligned with the university’s Expected Lasallian Graduate Attributes (ELGA), Vision-Mission, Program Educational Objectives (PEO) and the Student Outcomes (SO).


The Course Delivery is an essential part of the teaching-learning process where plans and strategies are carried out to guarantee results in terms of the defined outcomes.


This assessment process includes identification, collection, and preparation of data for evaluation of the attainment of SOs and PEOs. Effective assessment uses relevant direct, indirect, quantitative and qualitative measures as appropriate to the objective or outcome being measured. The process of evaluation uses one or more processes for interpreting the data and evidence accumulated through assessment processes. Evaluation determines the extent to which SOs and PEOs are being attained. Evaluation results in decisions and actions regarding program improvement.


Continuous Quality Improvement is a periodic feedback process for implementing improvements in any aspect of a program whereby formal results from assessment and evaluation and other informal observations are utilized in the formulation of the changes, with expected higher degrees of attainment of program educational objectives and higher degrees of attainment of student outcomes.