Graduate School Admission

La Salle offers graduate degrees in 10 departments and programs, and requirements for admittance vary greatly among them. Currently, about 400 students are pursuing post-baccalaureate degrees at USLS. The Graduate Admission section provides general information about graduate study and the admission process while the Graduate School Academics section provides additional information about La Salle's strong commitment to diversity in graduate education.

The Admission Committee is composed of the Dean, a Faculty member and a Student representative.

The regulations that follow apply to all students who are enrolled in the Graduate School of the University of St. La Salle and who, upon admission, agree to abide by these same regulations and conduct themselves so as to maintain discipline, uphold order in the school, preserve the good name of the University, and actualize its Mission Statement.


Graduate School Admission Requirements

In general, only students who can profit from graduate work and are able to successfully pursue the prescribed requirements for graduation of the program applied for shall be admitted.

The final decision for admission in masteral programs is based on undergraduate academic performance, and work experience for business applicants. All students are required to take the qualifying examination and pass the panel interview.

Students planning to enroll in Education Programs who are not education graduates or have no education units are required to enroll in 12 units of education subjects. These can be taken simultaneously with the masteral units.

For admission to the masteral and doctoral programs, an applicant must satisfy the following minimum requirements for admission:

  • a masteral degree or its equivalent (degree or title) from USLS or from other recognized institutions of higher learning; and
  • proficiency in oral and written English

These qualifications shall be determined through:

  • academic credentials
  • graduate level test
  • 2 recommendations from the school and/or workplace
  • interview


Graduate School Application Procedures

  1. secure an application form from the Graduate School Office
  2. accomplish and submit the form to the Registrar together with
    • Transcript of Records
    • Two (2) letters of recommendation
    • Honorable Dismissal/Certificate of Transfer Credential
    • Two (2) ID pictures (2" x 2")
  3. take the entrance examination at the Guidance and Evaluation Center and present the results to the Dean/Registrar Office
  4. request the Registrar's Office for a schedule for the interview with the Dean/Admission Committee as a requirement for enrollment

Those who want to enroll in the PhD Educational Management program but are not MEM graduates or its equivalent course should take 15 units of MEM subjects before enrolling in the doctoral program. The student cannot take this simultaneously with his/her doctoral subjects. He/she should first complete the required 15 units.

Those who want to enroll in the PhD program must have presented a thesis or project paper before a thesis/project paper committee or submitted some other complex project that demonstrates the students’ ability to analyze, integrate, evaluate, and apply the different knowledge and skills developed in the various courses.