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UARO - University Alumni Relations Office


join in loving prayer
the family, friends and loved ones of

Name Batch Date
Joseph Jarder College December
Jose Luis P. Longa High School Class 1978 December
Edwin Deles High School Class 1957 December
Marcelino Constantino III College Class 1977 December
Jorge C. Villarosa College Class 2005 November
Anamelio Locson Grade School Class 1962 November
Nicolas de Castro High School Class 1976 November
Teodoro B. Ongsingco High School Class 1976 October
Ian Gabriel "Iggy" P. Villanueva IS Batch 2007 October
Odo Joseph G. Abaquin High School Class 1978 October
Rory J. Villanueva High School Class 1985 October
Gary P. Ginete High School Class 1983 September
Ruther Necesario IS 2000 / College 2006 August
Rosendo G. Lopez High School Class 1969 July
Peter Bren M. Ibarra College 2003 July
Hermilo A. Tongson High School Class 1973 July
Roberto 'Mesting' N. Rodriguez High School Class 1957 July
Glenn L. Remo High School 1990 / College 1994 July
Br. Ceci M. Hojilla FSC Grade School 1957 / High School 1961 June
Antonio Victor Lopez High School Class 1972 June
Welly Y. Lacson Grade School Class 1959 April
Gilberto "Tindo" G. Gamboa High School 1960 / College 1964 April
Adelfa J. Dawal College Class 1981 April
Luis A. Isasi High School Class 1966 March
Cesar "Nonoy" A. Noble, Jr. High School Class 1976 March
Jose C. Medel High School Class 1967 March
Ivan de Ramos College Class 2001 March
Carmelo R. Golez College Class 1974 February
Willie C. Baisa College Class 1974 February
Raul P. Barcillo College Class 1974 January
Julieta Arizala Lacson College 1978 January

- may the angels lead them into paradise, may the martyrs come to welcome them
and take them to the Holy City, the new and Eternal Jerusalem