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join in loving prayer
the family, friends and loved ones of

Name Batch Date
Elizabeth J. Chua College Class 1981 December
Rogelio C. Chiu College Class 1970 November
Atty. Daniel Rafael B. Penuela Grade School Class 1983 / High School Class 1987 / LLB Class 1997 November
Rolando V. Espinos, Jr. Grade School Class 1964 High School Class 1968 November
Alberto Silverio High School Class 1957 November
Richard G. Gustilo High School Class 1996 November
Atty. Rodolfo A. Parreņo GS '59 / HS '63 / C '67 October
Joyce Labayen College Class 1984 October
Arturo V. Bustamante, Jr. GS '65 / HS '70 September
Raymond A. Lizares GS '67 / HS '71 / C '76 September
Elverita Torres Briones College Class 1974 September
Nilo L. Lizares, Jr. GS '64 / HS '68 / C '72 September
Alvaro Cordova, Jr. GS '70 / HS '74 September
Romeo Santiago High School Class 1957 August
John Paul C. Erpe College Class 1984 August
Raymund Emilio P. Benares HS '83 / C '89 August
Michael Lebrilla GS '96 / C 2007 August
Francis J. Solatorio College Class 1981 July
Danilo A. Peņa GS '77 / HS '81 July
Arnold Dominic T. Burgos High School Class 1983 July
James Christopher L. Ledesma GS '65 / HS '70 June
Basil R. Arceo High School Class 1964 June
Francis A. Montaņez High School Class 1969 June
Rafael Vicente "Kokoy" R. Jimenez College Class 1976 June
Mae Jorgen De los Reyes Musang College Class 1999 June
Regina S. Ledesma College Class 1981 June
Rafael "Paeng" T. Catalan College Class 1963 May
Victorio C. Perez College Class 1968 May
Leonardo Almario College Class 1957 April
Abelardo R. Jalandoni, Jr. GS '63 / HS '67 / C '71 April
Carlos William I. Legaspi College Class 1989 April
Bryan Angelo G. Jochico High School Class 1993 April
Florentino Gatuslao Grade School 1975 March
Eduardo R. Cusi GS '64 / HS '68 March
Francisco Antonio Z. Hom GS '79 / HS '83 March
Paul Anthony G. Tordesillas GS '74 / HS '78 February
Camille Louella P. Igaran College Class 2008 February
Fernando J. Cuenca, Jr. High School 1960 / College 1964 February
Ivan G. Gacho College Class 1993 February
Luis Pedro Mirasol GS '63 / HS '67 February
Serafin Golez High School Class 1959 January
Philip Claparols High School Class 1978 January
Jose Jison High School Class 1957 January

- may the angels lead them into paradise, may the martyrs come to welcome them
and take them to the Holy City, the new and Eternal Jerusalem