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join in loving prayer
the family, friends and loved ones of

Name Batch Date
Tita A. Guanzon College Class 1974 / Professional Schools Class 1997 November
Ma. Lourdes Lizares-Puentevella College Class 1976 November
Anatolio V. Pabion, Jr. College Class 1976 October
Araceli D. Naranja-Peralta College Class 1987 October
Ernest Marvin S. Latiza College Class 1981 October
Allan S. Hugo College Class 1995 October
Angelo C. Bibar College Class 1987 September
Reynila E. de la Noche College Class 1987 / Professional Schools Class 1996 August
Rudolfo J. Azcona College Class 1960 August
Grace S. Nobleza College Class 2008 / Professional Schools Class 2013 August
Rolly E. Magaspag Professional Schools 2016 July
Romig J. Celis Grade School Class 1981 June
Carmelo R. Golez Grade School 1966 / High School Class 1970 / College 1974 June
Nazareth Piansay-Alanes College Class 1975 May
Ymelee B. Flores College Class 2011 April
Oscar Andrew G. Moleņo College Class 2012 April
Anageli G. Garaygay-Salinas College Class 1974 March
Almira V. Vasquez College Class 2012 March
Richmond McKevin S. Villeran College Class 1996 March
Edwin L. Mission ICA Batch 11 March
Rodolfo F. Borromeo College Class 1974 February
Bernel Em B. Hablo College Class 2003 February
Jose Ma. V. Sanson Grade School Class 1975 February
Jose Leonal G. Santiago College Class 1986 February
Peter Paul P. Yulo Grade School Class 1974 / High School Class 1978 February
Nestor J. Gargarita, Jr. Grade School Class 1981 / High School Class 1985 / College Class 1991 January
Romeo Z. Benares Grade School Class 1962 / High School Class 1966 / College Class 1970 January
Fernando U. Javellana, Jr. High School Class 1964 January
Alyssa Marie G. Patigas High School Class 2015 January
Ma. Theresa S. Fos High School Class 1999 / College Class 2003 January

- may the angels lead them into paradise, may the martyrs come to welcome them
and take them to the Holy City, the new and Eternal Jerusalem