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join in loving prayer
the family, friends and loved ones of

Name Batch Date
Mario Agustin M. Locsin High School Class 1970 December
Daniel "Danny" H. Hagad High School Class 1972 December
John Michael "Mikki" L. Lezama High School 1989 / College 1993 November
Henry K. Ko High School Class 1966 November
Thomas Andrew M. Lacson College Class 1996 October
Fr. Jerry N. Loarca High School Class 1960 October
Ricardo A. Jison Grade School Class 1975 October
Robert Rafael "Bob" G. Gonzaga Grade School Class 1967 September
Celis M. Sajo High School Class 1959 September
Emilio R. Lamata, Jr. High School Class 1968 August
Norman Ramos Grade School 1962 / High School 1966 July
Leviste Glanza College Class 2003 June
Ana Ma. L. Tanpinco College Batch 1975 June
Reynaldo Morin College Class 1959 June
Arturo 'Boy' C. Piccio Jr. Grade School Class 1960 June
Ma. Cecilia 'China' E. Gallaga Graduate School 2004 June
Roberto P. Guanzon College Class 1970 May
Jesus 'Jess' D. Angodung High School Class 1967 May
Bienvenido C. Billanes Jr. High School Class 1975 May
Jose Emilio 'Jommy' I. Gayoso High School Class 1980 May
Cesar E. Diaz College Class 1963 April
Romulo C. Villanueva High School class of 1975 April
Ver V. Ferraris Collge Class 1999 March
Esteban J. Cuenca High School Class 1966 March
Manuel Tinsay High School Class 1985 February
Luis 'Tiny' G. Sarrosa College Class 1965 February
Juan Carmelo S. Bonnin High School 1979 February
Amador 'Boy' Lobaton High School 1973 February
Jesus Manuel Z. Dabao Grade School 1966 / College 1974 January
Atty. Philip 'Pocholo' Z. Dabao College Class 1976 January
Paul M. Cometa College Class 1995 January

- may the angels lead them into paradise, may the martyrs come to welcome them
and take them to the Holy City, the new and Eternal Jerusalem