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UARO - University Alumni Relations Office

Programs and Services


1.    Life-long Lasallian Formation and Learning Program

a.    Seminars and workshops

b.    Recollections and retreats

c.     Lecture series

2.    Alumni Database and Directory

3.    Alumni-in-waiting Integration Program

a.    Participation in First Year orientation programs

b.    Seniors’ Week: Job Fiesta, Career Talks, Mock Interviews and Alumni Welcoming

c.     Enrolment treat for incoming First Year students and transferees

d.    Graduation treat

e.    Support a student/scholar

4.    Social Media, Marketing and Communication

a.    Coordinate with Center for External Relations for regular contributions to La Salle AveNews

b.    Link the alumni through Facebook, Twitter and UARO webpage

c.     Production and selling of alumni memorabilia and collaterals

5.    Alumni Awards, Homecoming, Reunions

a.    Grand Alumni Homecoming every 5 years

b.    Honoring and recognition of Golden Jubilarians during Foundation Day

c.     Welcoming of Jubilarians by batch (5,10,15,20,25,30,35,40,45 and 50 years)

d.    Recognition of outstanding alumni in various fields.

6.    Career Development

a.    Visiting alumni-lecturer or resource person

b.    Job placement and referral

7.    Alumni Support Services

a.    Campus entry, parking and use of facilities

b.    Alumni ID and discount card

c.     Transcript of Records

8.    Special Projects (Medical Mission, Book Drive, GK Build, etc.)