By Christelle Eson On Thursday, January 29, 2015

LEADCOM Visayas Area Coordinator Bea Charlyn Laiño during her talk about leadership connecting in the communities.

AB Communications Paula Sasota gives instructions to the student facilitators about project management addressing the youth’s community issues on their barangays.

USG Executive President Neil Renan Juntado during his talk about Project Plan of Action

AB Communications Paula Sasota and USG Secretary for Department of Advocacy Programs Angelo Regalado

Youth from different barangays of Bacolod City and USLS Student Leaders

The AB Communications student Paula Sasota in collaboration with the University Student Government -Department of Advocacy Programs (USG - DAP) held a senior’s project entitled “Project Youth Enrichment Seminar (YES): Saan Aabot ang P100 Mo?” at the Cody Hall A & B, January 24.

It aims to provide a venue for experiential learning to empower and encourage the out-of-school youth to contribute to the development of the community and take part in nation building.

The activity was participated by the young people from different barangays of Bacolod City who were the voice of addressing the social concerns of their communities.

Sasota welcomed the participants with heartfelt gratitude for responding to her invitation and expressed her anticipation to be able to learn a lot of realizations and experiences from the duration of the activity.

It started with an icebreaker to let each youth interact with one another and followed by the talk proper.

Leadership Communities (LEADCOM) Visayas Area Coordinator Bea Charlyn Laiño shared her leadership experiences and learnings of what makes her engage in the community development. She added that, “Service in the communities is my purpose. “

Furthermore, Laiño said one thing that strucked her most, “Servant leader is servant first; it begins from a natural feeling to serve other people”.

Meanwhile, participants were given a chance to address the social issues and possible solutions of their barangay through a plan of action activity that led by the USG Executive President Neil Renan Juntado.

Juntado discussed his almost 5 years of leadership journey in the university and related to the youth what the student government’s actions create in order to address the needs of the students.

He also emphasized a quote taken from one of La Salle Brothers to inspire the youth to do more projects for their barangay, “If you will dream, then you can plan; if you will plan, then you can act and if you will act, then you will realize your dream.”

DAP Secretary, Angelo Regalado shared the tips of the characteristics of a youth to keep going in life’s journey and most especially in helping communities develop.

Present also, Director of Vocations Office Br. Butch Alcudia FSC hoped that each youth will carry out a mind of a builder, a heart of a winner and a soul of a servant to continually commit in service for others.

It ended with Sasota thanking people who helped all throughout the preparation and who came to successfully make her project possible.