USG opens Club Fair 2015

By Christelle Eson, Jairus Cambelisa and Gwyneth Alfonso On Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Lasallian students flock during the Flash Mob Dance Competition

College of Education hails as champion in the Flash Mob Dance Competition

Shimeriah Inventor of Information Technology Society wins in Talentadong Lasalyano

University Student Government opened the Club Fair 2015:  KALEIDOSCOPIC - A Million Colors, A Single Spectrum with a ribbon cutting held at USLS Coliseum lobby, June 24.

The ribbon cutting was headed by the Administrative Assistant for Student Activities Dorsey Caratao, University Registrar Frances Mae Llamas, USG Executive Vice-President Kathlyn Tiu and USG Secretary for Liaison for Campus Clubs and Organizations George Ampil.

USG Secretary for LCO George Ampil shared during an interview, “We chose Kaleidoscopic to set the tone for our vision for this year’s on campus club culture knowing that despite the differences between organizations, we can still come together as one Lasallian communion just like how a kaleidoscope features various colored patterns rather than clashing with one another, they come together to make something beautiful.”

It followed by Flash Mob Dance Competition and Talentadong Lasalyano which showcased the talents of the students on their dance moves and artistic presentation while the Game of the Presidents was to establish rapport among club presidents to make the collaboration easier as well as to provide venue to show the student body that they work hard, can play and enjoy.

College of Education hailed as this year’s champion in the Flash Mob Dance Competition, Shimeriah Inventor of Information Technology Society in Talentadong Lasalyano.

Upcoming activities will start at 12 pm tomorrow with the Lip Sync Battle, Club Icon at 4:30 pm followed by the launching of H.E.R.O at USLS Parking Lot.