USG Department of Advocacy Programs launches ICLAYGO campaign

By Jairus Cambelisa On Monday, July 20, 2015

Students show support during ICLAYGO campaign

The Department of Advocacy Programs of the University Student Government launched “I Clean as you Go” (IClayGo), a campaign on the awareness of the campus policy at USLS campus, July 16.

The USG student leaders campaigned around the campus to give awareness to the lasallian community that the advocacy is to maintain the cleanliness of the university as well as the environment.

Students show also support in the campaign through proper disposing their garbages in the bins and cleaning the area before they go.

“We want to re-iterate the policy not just only for the Froshies but as well as the upper class men to follow it since for the past few weeks, we observe that there are left food wastes in different areas in the campus.”, Department of Advocacy Programs Secretary Miguel De Los Reyes said.