University Week 2015 “TESSELLATE: We Come As One” opens today

By Christelle Eson On Monday, September 14, 2015

Celebrating its 27th year, University of St. La Salle opened the University Week 2015, “Tessellate: We Come As One” with an Institutional Mass at the St. La Salle Coliseum today, September 14.

The mass was followed by the opening ceremony and PEP Rally of the USLS Stingers Varsity players.

USG Executive President Nikki Te shared the meaning behind this year’s theme ‘Tessellate: We Come As One’ as she encourages the participation of the Lasallian community through the fun and exciting activities brought by the student government.

Highlight activities for each day will be--Golden Voice (Monday), Ignition:Dance Battle (Tuesday), Bet on your Teacher (Wednesday), Acoustic Session (Thursday) and AnimoShow on Friday.

Upcoming activities this afternoon starting at 1:30 pm will be the University Splash at the football field, and Open Mic at the coliseum grounds.