“Kayumanggi” an art exhibit opens at Museo Negrense De La Salle

By Christelle Eson, Edited by Aldrich Rosano On Monday, October 5, 2015

(From right to left) Valenciano, with his son, wife and Museo director Lyn Mapa.

“Divine Providence”, 4 ft. x g ft. Ballpen on Canvas by Valenciano

Valenciano talking to one of the many art enthusiasts and artists who attended his exhibit.

Kayumanggi, an art exhibit of Benjamin Valenciano’s Changing Gallery opened October 2, 2015 at Museo Negrense De La Salle.

An architect, and visual artist, Kayumanggi promotes Filipino culture and reflect spiritual, moral and social issues of modern life by using extreme contrast of lights and shadows in distinct human figures.

Kayumanggi reflects Valenciano’s temperament and childish approach in life and on his famous medium pen art which earned the admiration of art lovers, and art collectors.

The ribbon cutting ceremony was headed by Valenciano, his son and his wife together with the Museo Negrense De La Salle Director Lyn Marie Mapa.