Re Cycling: Cycles 002 Exihibit

By Manny Montelibano On Tuesday, November 21, 2017

CYCLES, is inspired by repetition of events in the society, the reverberation of history, and life patterns. As artists continue to reflect society in their artworks, subjects repeat as history recurs. Cycles 002, attempts to intervene in these repetitions, by exploring new grounds in art production but maintain the attention to the subjects that the artists work on. This project aims to interrupt and reflect the usual, and to challenge and respect the conventional.

 The participating artists went thru diverse methods of production. It involved the understanding of individual methods and cultural backgrounds, collaboration, the use of alternative mediums and manner of presentation, subject focus, and conditions for production and exhibition.

 The Institute of the Moving Image thru its IMI Residency program launches its 1st project entitled CYCLES 002. Cycles is a project that was created together with some Bacolod artists, mostly La Salle Bacolod alumni. It is a collaboration with an organization in Gwangju, Korea called OverLab-Independent Curator Group, headed by a Ms. Seonyoung Kim and Yooyoung Park.

 The second edition of CYCLES, involve three of our local young visual artists, Karina Broce-Gonzaga, Christoph Sagemuller and Faye Abantao are collaborating with three Korean artists Yeongsil Seo, Sul Park, and Jaemun Lee.

 Joining in this exhibition are Cycles 001 artists Charlie Co, Dennis Ascalon, HR Campos, Junjun Montelibano, and Raymond Legaspi.

 This collaboration also involves OverLab Independent Curator Group and the University of St. La Salle’s Institute of the Moving Image.


 2014, Bacolod City hosted the 13th Visayas Islands Visual Arts Exhibit and Conference (VIVA ExCon). It had a series of collateral exhibitions which included the participation of artists from Gwangju, Korea in the Katalista exhibition at the University of St. La Salle and was followed by Motivation exhibition at the D.A.Aura in Gwangju City in 2015, participated by Bacolod and Gwangju artists. The exchange exposed the Filipino artists to Korean culture, traditions, studio visits, and artist interactions. The experience, inspired them to create succeeding projects.  Kpop (Gallery Orange August of 2016) ReAction (Gallery Orange November 2016), CYCLES 001 (University of the Philippines – VIVA EXCON Iloilo November 2016) and CYCLES 002 (OverLab, Gwangju).