Museo Negrense

Museo Negrense de La Salle is located within the campus of the University of St. La Salle – Bacolod beside the St. La Salle Coliseum. It is a 30-minute ride from both the airport and the pier. Being the only school-based museum in Western Visayas, the Museo is an ideal venue for history, culture, art studies and field trips.

The Beginnings

It was in 1997 that the museum was officially named Museo Negrense de La Salle. The Administration decided to fuse the University Research Institute with the repository and the addition of artifacts and relics donated by the Vega Family under the care of Cecile Nava, PhD.

Through the efforts of former University President Br. Gus Boquer, FSC, together with the management of the Museum and the generosity of the patrons and donors, the museum collection grew significantly within the next six years.

As one enters the museum, the changing gallery welcomes every guest with a monthly chosen theme that showcases various works of local artists using different mediums.

However, the heart of the museo lies within the walls of its galleries where history has been written time and time again with a past that has remarkably shaped communities and build great nations.

Ledesma Collection
Illustrating Visayan piety and devotion to the Child Jesus, this collection showcases images of the Sto. Nino enshrined in traditional mini-altars from the island of Bohol. It also features various representations of the Holy Mother including a rare image of the legendary Lady of Loreto adorned in a three-tiered mini-altar.

Vega Collection
Like most museums where different historical artifacts are exhibited, the Museo has its own to share. This collection highlights periods of history focused on Negros and Western Visayas. Passing through the pre-Hispanic era, porcelain from the Chinese, Vietnamese and Thai traders are seen. As one advances to the Spanish regime, images of saints made by Filipino craftsmen and books in Spanish and Latin are displayed. Moving on, artifacts of the Japanese invasion and rural Filipino life will be the pieces found in this period.

Esteban Collection
Culture, history, beauty and exquisite taste - this random collection of antique and contemporary religious art features towering figures of the Catholic Church founding patriarchs St. Peter, the first pope, and St. Paul, the first international evangelist. Not veering away from the cast of the selection, one witnesses the ivory and wooden depiction of the Holy Family’s flight to Egypt from the persecution of Herod, the antique Asian-inspired renditions by native woodworkers of the Holy Mother.

Velayo – Javelosa Collection
Although considered contemporary, the intrinsic artistic quality of the Lladrohas made it one of the most beautiful and soughtafter works of art not to mention the testimonial value attached to owning a precious piece. This is evident in this collection of the Madonna and Child where every detail is delicately crafted. This collection also consists of brilliant artworks depicting the styles of the Orthodox Church with items from Eastern Europe and Turkey.

Puentevella Collection
A flashback into the Golden Age of Negros, this collection depicts part of the interior of a house with strong emphasis on the private family altar, a common setting found in most houses during that period. Items displayed include a one-piece 242 cm long 19th century Kitchen table made entirely of Narra wood; various antique Candelabras, a candle holder with multiple arms; a late 19th Century Narra cabinet called Aparador and a wooden arm chair carved by 19th century Filipino-Chinese Artisan, Ah Tay.

Bishop’s Collection
From Mass paraphernalia to priest’s investments in liturgical seasons and birth angels, the items in the Bishop’s Collection has no limitations. One can marvel at the full regalia of His Eminence Camilo Gregorio, former Bishop of Bacolod. Also, wonder into the ecclesiastical objects from the Bishop’s Palace, De La Salle Brother’s Community, and the collection of other patrons like Lolita Consing, Pedro and Cristina Hernandez, Tessie Limjap, Ray Granada – Pe, Fe Remitio, Lisa Santos and Jeannie Yniguez.

Jose Garcia Montelibano Textile Arts Center

The JGM Textile Arts Center is the first international folk textile gallery in the Philippines and probably in Asia. Named in honor of her father, Mara Montelibano has painstakingly collected the artifacts from the sources themselves. Travelling to and collecting from about 54 countries she has donated more than a thousand handmade textiles and other artifacts to the MuseoNegrense de La Salle of the University of St La Salle, Bacolod City. Included in the donation are hundreds of books on traditional textile.

Opening its inaugural exhibit to the public last March 1, 2012, the Museo hopes to inspire designers and students to incorporate Filipino and other indigenous patterns into their designs.

Also, with the weaving industry slowly declining, the Museo believes that through this beautiful collection, artists and weavers will work together for the revitalization of this unique craft.

The permanent exhibit covers the following themes:

I. Images of the Past
II. Story of Weaving
III. Patterning: Putting design on cloth using colored threads, painting, beads, dyeing, ikat
IV. Patterning through sewing: appliqué, embroidery, quilting, reversed applique, patchwork
V. Embellishments
VI. Silk: The Fabled Cloth
VII. The Filipino identity through influences on textile
VIII. Ethnic Splendor: The Best of Folk Textile


The mural was created by Pasig-based artist who graduated fine arts from UST, Roderick "Derrick" Macutay pro bono. He is a multi-awarded muralist around the Philippines, and is also recognized in other countries for his different works of art in different mediums. This mural was made in celebration of the 60 years of the university. The mural reflects the history of the university from it's foundation day until it's diamond jubilee celebration. It is located beside the Br. Fidelis O'Neal, FSC Hall.

The USLS 60th Jubilee Mural: "Transforming Lives, Building Communities, Shaping Futures"
Measurement: 9ft x 22ft
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Artist: Derrick Macutay

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