Program Objectives

  • provide a liberal education necessary to the development of a critical mind and an adaptive and innovative approach to a variety of situations;
  • prepare the student to meet the needs of the region and the country through a balanced program of instruction and research in both basic and professional subjects; and
  • produce engineers technologists who are conscious of Christian ethical and moral values in the practice of their profession.

Undergraduate Programs

  • Bachelor of Science
    1. Chemical Engineering
    2. Computer Engineering
    3. Computer Science with specialization in Game Development
    4. Electrical Engineering
    5. Electronics Engineering
    6. Food Technology
    7. Materials Engineering
    8. Information Technology with specialization in:
      • Computer Animation
      • Web Mobile Development

Graduate Programs

  • Master in
    1. Environmental Engineering
    2. Information Technology
  • Master of Engineering
    1. Electronics & Communications Engineering