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USLS Web Development Team

Hector J. Gloria Jr. - Vice Chancellor for Mission and Development / Director, CMC
Rhea Therese T. Gamboa - Assistant Vice Chancellor for Information & Communication Technology Services
Michael Francis C. Catague - Network Director, ICTS
Jaypee L. Madronado - Web Developer/Information Management Coodinator, CMC
Ronald Patarata - Senior Programmer, ICTS
Julius de la L. Peña - Mutimedia Coodinator, CMC
Cheenky Theresse M. Bayona - Graphics Design Assistant, CMC
Aldrich D. Rosano - Multimedia Assistant, CMC


Felix Querubin - Moderator, The La Salle Yeabook
Hernan Bes T. Baldevia - Photographer, The La Salle Yearbook
Chomin Aberasturi - Photographer, The La Salle Yearbook