Welcome to English for Global Communications!

In today's interconnected world, English is no longer viewed as a foreign language. While English is the native language of only a dozen countries, it is spoken in more than 90 countries with a total population of over two billion speakers.

Indeed, English has transitioned from being a culture-specific language to a crucial inter-cultural communication tool used to conduct all sorts of business across cultures around the world.

Your proficiency in English language is a key to your success.

The English for Global Communications (EGC) of the University of St. La Salle (USLS) provides personalized and focused English instruction to international students and visiting professionals based on the following levels of proficiency: Beginner, High Beginner, Intermediate, High Intermediate, Advanced, High Advanced, and Masters.

Classes are designed and structured as one - on - one, quad, or group with no more than eight students.

All tutors are ESL/EFL certified English instructors.

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