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 1952 – La Salle – Bacolod started pioneering efforts of three Founding Brothers: Br. Felix Masson FSC, Br. Hugh Wester FSC and Br. Dennis Ruhland FSC, the first Director of the school. He made sure that a library is made available for use of the pupils.  The present Lower Grade Library of the Integrated School is the same location of the first librarian.  Ms. Teresita Medrocillo was the librarian.

1953 – The High School and College Departments were opened.  The school was then known as La Salle College. A room in the High School Department was assigned as the High School and College Library.

Ms. Teresita Medrocillo was the librarian until 1957.

1958 – The Boarding Department was converted into a Science Laboratory and the College Library was relocated at the ground floor. The library remained in the ground floor for the next twenty-five years.

Mr. Felix Bonifacio was the libray-in-charge from 1958-1972.

The library has added personnel to man the increasing population of the college. From 1973-1975, Mrs. Mercedes Jimenez, librarian; Ms. Rita Norma Saquin, assistant librarian; Ms. Hinie Solidum and Ms. Ellen de la Cruz as library assistants.

From 1976-1979, library staff was composed of: Ms. Marubeth Carbonell, librarian; Ms. Ellen de la Cruz, Ms. Ana Sembrano and Ms. Hinie Solidum as library assistants.

1982 – Brother President Rafael S. Donato FSC, facilitated to build a new library complex to accommodate the increasing library clientele and collection.   It was completed and occupied in April 1983 with 13,000 volumes of books.

Mrs. Hinie S. Gonzales was the library-in-charge.

1993 –Technology was first introduced in the library.   The library automation was done in the circulation section and the use of CD-ISIS for periodical index.

 1994 – Br. Joseph Scheiter FSC, a visiting professor, assisted the library how to use the CD-ROM and microfiche. JRR Dizon Foundation through Bro. Rolando D. Dizon, FSC donated the CD-ROM and microfiche reader with printer.  On July 26, 1994, a P1 million grant was turned over by JRR Dizon Foundation, giving birth to the Joaquin, Rafael, Raymundo (JRR) Dizon Foundation Library Technology Center.

1995 –  JRR Dizon Foundation Library Technology was established.  An initial of 44 computer units was acquired and the library introduced the global networking of information or the INTERNET.

1996 – The JRR Library Technology Center provided the College of Engineering, Computer Center and some offices of the College with INTERNET services.

1997 –  The newly occupied 3-storey building was inaugurated October 19, 1997.  The ground floor served as the location of the new cyber library.  It was named after the main benefactor of this university, as the Don Alfredo M. Montelibano Sr. AFSC Library.

1998 –The library spearheaded several extension programs that gave access to offices of the college unit.  Networking has been implemented in cooperation with the Institutional Committee for Electronic Networking (ICEN) to enable access to the different college the student records directly from the Registrar’s Office.

1999 –  The professional libraries was constructed and located annex to the Solomon building.  The 3-storey building was inaugurated and blessed October 31, 1999.  It is where the Graduate School Library, College of Law Library and Health Science Library are housed, the same place where they are now today.

2001 –  The College of Law Library was one of the recipients of the Model Centennial Library of the Philippines.  It was cited by the Supreme Court of the Philippines among ten (10) other schools nationwide.

2002 –  The Health Science Library occupied the 3rd floor of the professional libraries.  The Multi Media Room was also designated for the use of the College of Medicine.

2012 – The repository of the historical records of the University of St. La Salle is housed in the second floor of the library.  It is located annex to the Cody Hall and Mutien Marie buildings.  Formerly known as the Archives, it was blessed and named Lasalliana University Archives, February 10, 2012. For more than 3 decades Mrs Hinie S. Gonzales retired as head librarian, October 2012.

2013 – Ms. Ma. Girlie de Guzman was designated as officer in charge of the library.

2015 –  The Audio Visual Room / Instructional Media Center (AVR/ IMC) was merged to be one with the college library.       

2017 –  This year, the AVR/IMC and the college library is reinvented to become the Don Alfredo Montelibano Sr., AFSC Learning Resource Center.

Early this year, Lasalliana Archives was moved to the 2nd floor of Museo Negrense de La Salle.

On June 28, 2017 was the launching of Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Knowledge Resource Collection (BSP-KRC) in partnership with the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas.

Meanwhile, the Learning Commons was introduced July 06, 2017 as part of the Handuman week celebration.

At present, the library, Alfredo M. Montelibano, Sr. AFSC Learning Resource Center continuously upholds its mission and vision to be of service to the La Sallian students, faculty and staff, alumni and other persons in the community.

Today, the collection includes 87,588 volumes of books, 67, 987 book titles, 63 titles of periodicals, pamphlets, CDs and DVDs and electronic resources.



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