Ricardo L. Gallaga MD

College Dean


Welcome to the College of Medicine, University of St. La Salle.  We are now on our 12th year of aiming to produce doctors with the attributes of a La Salle graduate: socially responsible Christians, effective communicators and critical thinkers.  These are very much needed in the field of medicine. Our student/faculty ratio of 1:2 helps us to achieve this.  We continue to be the only university in Negros Occidental that makes it possible for our students, especially those who are financially deprived, to avail of this opportunity to acquire a good medical education, without having to go elsewhere.

We have done very well with our graduates who have taken their board exams and our passing rate has been above the national passing average.  This year we were cited to be in the Top 11 in the list of the nation’s best schools for doctors based on the outstanding performance of each university in the last two Physician Licensure Examinations (February 2014 and August 2013) administered by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) and the list defined by the House committee on higher and technical education. Up to this point, we have graduated 9 batches with a total number of 191 graduates. The majority are now in their diplomate and fellowship training programs.  A number of our graduates have come home and joined the university as faculty in the college.

Our students continue to perform well in their research endeavors.  Guided by our competent consultants and staff, they have won in national competitions.  Last October 2013, our students joined the Community Health Research Forum powered by Ateneo School of Government and won first place.

Be a part of our vision of providing our beloved country with excellent medical service peppered with compassionate, competent and ethically-molded physicians.

Animo La Salle!

Program Objectives

Animated by the spirit of St. John Baptist de la Salle, the College of Medicine aims to produce competent, compassionate and ethical physicians who are motivated by their Christian faith and are committed to serve the health needs of the province and the country, especially the poor.

Specifically, the College of Medicine aims to provide courses in basic and clinical sciences that will:

  • equip students with knowledge, skills and attitudes in the practice of Medicine;
  • nurture the spirit of inquiry and research to address current health needs;
  • inculcate the highest ethical standards of medical practice among students; and
  • provide students with activities that will encourage a holistic formation of their personhood.

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