Program Objectives

In line with the University Mission Statement, the BSN Program is designed to facilitate the development of students who:

  • Posses a caring behavior (compassionate, competent, committed);
  • Demonstrate critical and creative thinking;
  • Practice legal, ethico-moral, social responsibilities and accountabilities;
  • Demonstrate a broad knowledge and skills on holistic health theories and practices for the promotion and maintenance of health, prevention of illness, and restoration of health;
  • Relate effectively with other through a Christian understanding of human behavior derived from his liberal arts education;
  • Utilize the nursing process as a problem-solving approach in assessing and analyzing health problems as well as planning, implementing and evaluating the outcome of nursing intervention.
  • Respond to the health needs of the local, national and global community and country; and
  • Develop a life-long desire for constant learning and for personal and professional growth
  • Perform competencies in the different key areas of responsibility based on competency standards; and
  • Utilize research in the practice of nursing functions.

Undergraduate Programs

  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Graduate Programs

  • Master in Nursing
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing