Performing Arts

Teenage/Basic Acting

Focuses on the fundamental elements in acting, the main bulk of the course is centered towards acting exercises. The course covers lectures on the basic command language for film and theatre, understanding the S.A.R.E. approach, bodily and spatial awareness, technical aspect of acting and class production output.

Children’s Theater

Designed to shape the next generation of theater enthusiasts, Children’s Theater is an introduction to the world of performing!  Students will be presented with theater concepts fit for their developmental stage, as they explore their imagination, and build self-confidence.

Advanced Acting

Advance acting program is exclusive only to those students who are committed to further enhance their skills as a performer. This is an intensive training course focusing on acting techniques for live performances and with the camera.


Focusing on the awareness and understanding of how the body moves, this course allows students to explore the full range of actions and movements to handle the demands of the character or the story. Movement fine-tunes the body and voice to enable the students to achieve the highest level of expressiveness in their art.

Production/Technical Courses

Teenage Film Production

Teenage Film Production is an introduction to the basics of making a film for teenagers. Using updated and 21st century approaches in writing, shooting, and editing, students experience a hands-on application, and lecture under the guidance of professionals to provide the fundamental disciplines in becoming a filmmaker in the future.

Film Production

This course provides an overview of all aspects of video and film production from pre-production to post-production. Students undergo the process of conceptualization, production management techniques and post-production under professional guidance.

Digital Photography

The course will include hands on demonstrations with the camera as well as basic digital image editing techniques. Discussions include the work of great photographers alongside your own photographs in order to better understand the fundamentals of composition to create compelling imagery.

Production Design

This class covers the basic elements of production design and its development.  Students will learn how to create the mood and atmosphere of a film through the expressive use of space, objects, forms, and color, bringing all the visual elements together to create a story.

Basic Day & Night Make-up/Make-up for Film, Stage, and TV

Thoroughly hands-on, the course is a solid introduction to the world of make-up artistry.  Discussions and execution of the skills and techniques necessary to create the basic “no make-up” look, as well as, advanced hair and face styling intended for film and television will take you to a whole new level. Lessons in special effect and prosthetics makeup for film will also be given emphasis.

Screenwriting for Film & TV

Focused on building a concrete foundation on the basics of screenwriting, specifically on character creation and development, scene construction, dialogue writing, editing, and script pitching, this course allows the student to find his voice and create his own style of writing by coming up with his own short film script. 


Become the master of visual storytelling through learning shot composition, lighting and other techniques.  This course deals with cinematography’s principles and techniques in manipulating the camera in order to tell a story for the screen.

Video Art

An advance course in video production that focuses on video as a medium to produce art works.  Students produce single channel video art works that will be exhibited after the workshop. Film production is a prerequisite.