Program Objectives

These programs are also designed to facilitate the total formation and development of students and enable them to:

  • Acquire a deeper understanding of the Christian faith as expressed through the Lasallian charisma;
  • Achieve competence in their chosen profession through;
    • An adequate academic preparation that includes a broad knowledge of concepts and principles of the discipline
    • Practicum programs, field exposures and appropriate learning experiences that will allow them to undertake independent study and research related to their profession;
  • Gained confidence as well trained professionals who are able to cope with challenging situations due to their critical thinking and analysis and ability to communicate effectively;
  • Develop social responsibility through an awareness of relevant social issues and actual participation in activities which will assist them in realizing their personal contribution towards the transformation of society;
  • Grow in their commitment towards a continuing pursuit of knowledge and to the exercise

Undergraduate Programs

  • Bachelor of Arts
    • Communications

      The program introduces students to the nature, theories, concepts and practices of communication in general with emphasis on mass communication (print, radio, television, film and theatre, etc.) The program equips the students with the necessary professional competencies to excel in the field of communication.

      with certificate in:
      • Call Center Operations
      • Hospitality Management
      • Teacher Education
    • Interdisciplinary Studies

      The program is designed to develop the students’ general capabilities in various fields, enabling them to approach challenges from a multi-disciplinary perspective. It emphasizes a more personalized, creative and practical approach to knowledge development and skill formation through several career tracks such as communication and information technology, creative sales, entrepreneurship, government/non-government services, hospitality and tourism, and corporate communication.

    • Political Science

      The AB Political Science with Certificate in International Studies Program (AB PolSci-IS) is designed to prepare students for university level education focusing on political governance, law and public affairs, and stronger emphasis on international affairs and global development.

      with Certificate in:
      • International Studies
    • Psychology

      The AB Psychology program is anchored on a liberal arts education which aim to train students to analyze understand and appreciate the complexities of human mental processes and behavior and equip them with knowledge, skills and values to perform tests in various settings such as school, industry and community. This will prepare them for other career opportunities in Guidance and Counseling, Early Childhood Education, Forensic Psychology, Law, Human Resource Development and Clinical work.

      with Certificate in:
      • Marketing and Human Resource Management

  • Bachelor of Science
    • Biology

      The Bachelor of Science in Biology program is preferentially designed to prepare students for medical studies, biological research as well as tertiary science teaching. It grounds them on the fundamental concepts, theories and principles of the biological sciences and introduces them to the conduct of biological research. The curriculum consists of course work in the classroom, laboratory, and field/ community.

    • Psychology

      The BS Psychology program is intended for college students who wish to proceed to Medicine proper or become potential human resource assets in a school, industrial, social/community, clinical/rehabilitation setting, research center and other organizations where interpersonal skills and competencies in human relations are important components.

      with Certificate in:
      • Marketing and Human Resource Management

  • Liberal Arts and Commerce

Graduate Programs

  • Master of Arts
    • Conflict and Reconciliation Studies
    • Religious Studies
  • Master of Science
    • Guidance and Counseling
    • Public Management
  • Doctor of Philosophy
    • Development Studies
    • Religious Studies