1.  Secure Admission Requirements from the Graduate Programs Office.
  2.  Go to the Guidance and Evaluation Center for schedule of Entrance Examination.
  3.  Upon completion of requirements, the student will be informed for an interview with the Dean.
  4.  Upon admission, the student will be required to fill-up the ID issuance form.
  5. After issuance of ID no., the student can proceed with the enrolment.



  1. Academic Evaluation/Electronic Advising by the Dean.
  2. Proceed to the  Business Office for payment.
  3. After payment, proceed to the Graduate Programs Office for Reservation, Enrolment Printout  and Validation of Enrolment Form.
  4. ID Issuance/Renewal
  • For continuing students, stickers will be provided during the first 2 weeks of classes
  • For new students, please proceed to Instructional Media Center for ID capture.


Download Forms