Ground Floor

The ground floor of the Learning Resource Center (LRC) is where the Learning Common is located. It is designed for library users to collaborate, explore, connect and experience innovative lifelong learning.

Learning Resource Center (LRC) Office

The University Librarian’s Office manages and oversees the operation of the Learning Resource Center in support of the academic and research goals of the university. It implements, assesses, updates, coordinates, communicates strategic plans and activities of the Learning Resource Center with the support of the library staff. The office is responsible in the processing of library resources acquisition.


Faculty Reading Room

The faculty reading room is situated at the ground floor intended for faculty use only and particularly for those doing research.

Periodicals Section

Periodical section is a space where needed information could be found in journals, magazines, newspapers, electronic journals and other serial literature.

Instructional Media for Teaching (IMT)

The IMT houses the CDs/DVDs and other multimedia instructional resources for classroom instruction. Only faculty can preview, borrow and download documentary materials upon request in this section.

JRR Dizon Library Technology Center (JRR)

The center provides internet services to students and faculty use for classroom instruction and research particularly on the use of library online databases. The users are entitled one (1) hour everyday for research and can be extended upon request for another hour.

The center was initiated by the late Br. Rolando Dizon FSC thru the donation of the Joaquin, Rafael Raymund (JRR) Dizon Foundation.

Technical Services Section

The Technical Services Section processes the library materials before they are place into circulation. The process includes classifying and cataloging, preparing materials for library shelves, inventory and weeding.

 American Corner

The American Corner provides a collaborative and innovative resource spaces where a diverse range of people, private and public partners, and others can connect, discover, share, and be empowered by new ideas, skills, and opportunities that can bring positive change to individual lives and communities.

Circulation Section

The Circulation Section is one of the key section in the Learning Resource Center. It provides check-outs and check-ins, re-shelving of library borrowed materials, assists users in their needs and answer general queries about the Learning Resource Center.

A drop box is a service where a borrower who wish to return his/her borrowed book(s) on or before the due date and even if the library has no service. It is located at the entrance of the Learning Resource Center and is regularly monitored by the Circulation Librarian.