General Guidelines


General Policy

The Learning Resource Center (LRC) is the “brain” of the university and plays an important role in the progress of knowledge and accomplishing the goals of the respective college in order to effectively perform its function to the satisfaction of its users, the following policies must be observed:

  • Validated Identification Card (ID) is required in transacting business in the library. You are responsible for any library materials drawn upon it.
  • One (1) hour is alloted to every student in the use of internet at the JRR Technology Center for research. Downloading of movies/video and gaming is prohibited.
  • SILENCE. The Library is a study area and a place for learning. Idle conversation, loud laughter, and other unnecessary noise must be avoided. The discussion must be done in a subdued voice tone.
  • EATING IS HIGHLY DISCOURAGED in all areas of the library.
  • Handle books and other library materials with care.
  • Refrain from VANDALISM. (defacing, marking, cutting, mutilating or damaging library resources in any way). Whoever is caught shall be subject to disciplinary action and/ or will be charged the full replacement cost of the resource.
  • Mutilation of library materials is an offense penalized by a fine of not less than P100.00/page of book or periodical. In addition, library privileges will be suspended for the rest of the semester. The case will also be referred to the Discipline Board for proper disciplinary action.
  • Forgery. The penalty for a student who has forged the librarian’s signature for the purpose of settling accounts from the library is the suspension of library privileges for the next school term. The erring party will likewise be referred to the College Discipline Board.
  • RESERVATION. Facilities, equipment and other pertinent request from the LRC and IMC. All reservations are done at least three (3) days before at LRC head office. The LRC head approves the request/s and it informs the confirmed reservation to the respective areas in the library after forms are signed and complied by the student/s. Cancellation of the requests MUST be done two (2) days ahead of schedule.

The LRC office reserves the right to cancel or revoke confirmation of misrepresentation and/or violation of any of the policies.

A referral letter is required from visiting users. It must be presented to the LRC office before proceeding to the section of the library intended for research. In the same manner, a referral letter is issued to bonafide faculty or student/s who intend to do research to other schools upon request.



The students are required to secure library clearance at the end of the semester. The clearance is signed only after all unpaid accounts, losses and unreturned books are settled.


The faculty (full time and part-time) must settle their unreturned books, overdue fines and other accountabilities at the end of every semester.

The staff must settle their library accountabilities upon separation from service or retirement.



A bonafide faculty is allowed to borrow 15 books at a time for (1) month and may be renewed for another month unless called by another user.


Students are allowed to borrow three (3) books at a time for three (3) days and may be renewed for another three (3) days unless called for another user. 

Overdue Fines

A fine of P2.00 a day is charged for overdue book/s excluding Sundays and holidays.

Reserved Books

A fine of P5.00 is charged for the first hour or a fraction thereof. Additional P2.00 for the succeeding hours or a total fine of P29.00 for each day.


NOTE: Any of the violation of the library policy forfeits one’s privilege(s) in the use of library resources. Loaning out of books or other library materials is subject for approval of the LRC Head.
Location Symbol– indicates the type of material and where the book located.
Call Number– represents the subject of the book.
Author’s Number– the initial letter of the author’s surname and the corresponding number.
Date of Publication– the year the book was published.
The Dewey Decimal Classification System (DDC) is used in classifying books. A location symbol is used to guide library researchers for easy retrieval of library materials.
Example of a call number:
Fil-Actg. ———- Location Symbol
657 —————– Class number
P969 ————— Author’s number
2016 ————— Date of Publication