Instructional Media Center (IMC)

The Instructional Media Center (IMC) is a section of the Learning Resource Center that plans and develops and makes available the multimedia resources and services to meet instructional, research, and community extension needs of the university.

The IMC takes charge of the reservation and scheduling of the use of LCD projectors and multimedia rooms located at the Cody Hall and MM Auditoria at the Mutien Marie Building. It maintains the LCD projectors placed in all classrooms stationed at every building in campus.

Other services provided by IMC are circulation of LCD kit, technical support and troubleshooting, AV production, ID production and documentation of institutional events.

It is located at the ground floor of the Cody Hall Building. It is manned by six (6) competent technichians and staff along with ten (10) student assistants.

General Policy:

The following are the policies to maximize the services of the Instructional Media Center:

  1. The Multimedia rooms and auditoria are primarily for co-curricular activities like seminar-workshop, Symposia, webinars, film showing, reviews and should not be used for practices of programs, holding of regular classes and panel defense.
  2. Reservation:
    • Reservations for the use of the multimedia rooms, auditorium and other instructional facilities (mobile projector) should be made during the regular office hours of the IMC, three (3) days before the scheduled activity, and followed up a day before. It comes on a first come first serve basis.

In case of postponement or cancellation of the scheduled activity, the applicant is requested to inform the IMC two days prior to the original schedule of the activity so that the multimedia rooms, auditorium and other instructional facilities will be made available other groups.

  • The Reservation Form for the use of the multimedia rooms and other instructional facilities should be filled out completely with equipment needed by the requesting party and endorsed by the Department Head/Dean, Club moderator before submission to the IMC Office. The use of additional facilities not stated on the approved Reservation Slip is not allowed.

Only institutional events held outside of the campus can make reservation for mobile LCD and other equipment.

  • In case of lost or damage of borrowed equipment or LCD kit, report immediately to the IMC Office. It could be replaced with the same equipment model & specification or pay the equivalent amount of the lost or damage equipment.
  • Food and drinks are not allowed inside the auditorium and multimedia rooms to avoid rodents and for proper maintenance of the facilities. Failure to follow the policies and take care of the rooms could result in a borrower’s privileges being suspended for 1 semester after 3 consecutive notices.
  • NON-La Sallians will be charged accordingly for the rental for the multimedia rooms & auditorium by the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Administration. In case of conflict, institutional activity should be given priority.
  • The reservation and use of Coliseum LCDs for institutional events and students clubs should be reserve at the Office of the Instructional Media Center (OIMC) endorsed by Department Chair/Club Moderator and approved by the IMC coordinator noted by LRC Head. Overtime pay of the technical staff should be shoulder by the requesting department. Instant request will not be allowed. Student clubs will be charge a rental fee of P2,000.00 for the 1st 4 hours and P500.00 per hour in excess in case a registration fee is collected from the participants.

Guidelines on Coliseum LCD Usage

Coliseum should inform the OIMC 1 to 2 weeks before the said event proper scheduling. In case of conflict institutional events will be given priority.

  • Complete information about the event should be specified and other equipment needed. The IMC should be provided with tech-rider of the event Director for a smooth flow of the program.
  • IMC should be provided with the copy of the contract.
  • The rental of the LCD is per unit at P2,000.00 per hour and a fraction thereof. A minimum of 1 hour and maximum of 2 hours is allotted for tech run, in excess, the organizer have to pay the rental fee per hour and the overtime pay of the technical staff. The IMC staff will assist only in the projection in case they have their own production team.
  • The OIMC will provide only the projection service. Other equipment needed will be provided by the organizer.
  1. Recording services for instructional purposes should be made by way of job order, signed by the Department Head/Dean and approved by the IMC Coordinator.
  2. Any material and equipment borrowed from the IMC should be returned on or before the close of office hours on the same day. Failure to return LCD Kit/Equipment will charged P50.00/day excluding Saturday & holiday.

 The IMC shall reserve the right to cancel or revoke a confirmation of misrepresentation and/or violation of any of the policies.


  1. Reservation of facilities/Mobile equipment
    • Check availability of facilities.
    • If available, fill up the form with the necessary information needed
    • Fill up the necessary information needed. Indicate if documentation of the activity is needed.
    • Submit the completed form to the IMC office signed by the Faculty in-charge and endorsed by the Dept. Chair/Dean/Club Moderator to IMC office for approval by the IMC Coordinator. The Program of activities for big events should be attached to the form submitted to the IMC office.
    • Plot the schedule in the computer with the assigned staff for the said activity.
      • Note: The requesting party should follow up a day before the event. Request should be made 3 days before the event. A letter of approval from the principal is required for request of facilities on Sundays and holidays. Instant request will not be entertained. 
Monday-Friday Regular Term 8:00 am – 12:00 nn

12:00 nn -1:00 pm (Noon Break)

1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Monday-Friday Semestral Break/ Summer Break 8:00 am – 12:00 nn

12:00 nn -1:00 pm (Noon Break)

1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Monday-Friday Summer 8:00 am – 12:00 nn

12:00 nn -1:00 pm (Noon Break)

1:00 pm – 4:00 pm


Circulation of Equipment

ID Processing

Live Feed Coverage

Photo Documentation

Technical assistance on the use of AV equipment

Video documentation


Cody Hall A and Cody Hall B

-Can accommodate 80 persons

Mutien Marie Auditorium A

-Can accommodate 200 persons

Mutien Marie Auditoium

-Can accommodate 150 persons