Information Delivery

Information Delivery is fee-based service for non-Lasallian users. The information delivery processes documents request such as articles and book chapters from journals, books, e-resources and other materials. The document are scanned and can be picked-up in person or send via email. The requester will have to pay for the scanning or print cost of the document. The outside request shall be send thru the School’s Librarian Office.

The request can be send to the USLS LRC thru email ( with complete information of the title of the article/book chapter, title of the journal/book where it is found, date of issue/publication, place, page number and other pertinent information needed for the document being requested.

Scanning/Printing for non-Lasallian:

                Scanning : P5.00/page

                Printing : depend on the request of the user.

                Black & white text : P2.00/page

                Text with Images : P10.00