The La Salle Graduate School

The La Salle Graduate School started in 1966 with the offering of the Master in Business Administration (MBA) program designed to assist the community prepare graduates to assume managerial positions in the business world. Years later, a master’s program in Educational Management was offered to train educational administrators and strengthen school management in the city and the province.

In due time, the Graduate School offered master’s and doctorate degrees in various fields of specialization, including the Project Flagships to Reach Educational Excellence (Project F.R.E.E.) program in partnership with the Department of Education and the Eduardo Cojuangco Foundation, the Master of Arts in Conflict and Reconciliation Studies in cooperation with PAX Christi International, and the Master in Education major in Marriage and Family in consortium with the Pope John Paul II Institute, the seat of the Philippine campus of the Pontifical John Paul II Institute of Studies on Marriage and Family based at the Lateran University in Rome.

The Graduate School also works toward the fulfillment of the needs of the individual student by providing modules prepared by mentors for home learning for some senior executives and managers who may not always have the time to attend classes.  For some executives and managers, open learning coupled with modular classes on a one-on-one basis are provided.  These approaches to graduate education are novel ways to further management skills and techniques for graduate students who are willing to improve themselves while actively engaged in their work positions.

In A.Y. 2010-2011, as part of verticalization, the Graduate School was dissolved as an administrative unit.  All graduate programs were integrated into the respective colleges where they belong.

Today, the University continues to make its presence distinctly felt as it consistently produces leaders and key actors in the fields of business enterprise and industry, banking and finance, education and healthcare, information technology and environment, and most notably, in government service.

Mission Statement

The Graduate Programs of the University of St. La Salle provide educational experiences directed towards the formation of socially responsible Christians, critical thinkers and effective communicators.

These programs are designed to extend professionals with experiences that:

  1. Develop higher learning skills and competence responsive to the requisites of the global market and workplace;
  2. Promote leadership in their spheres of influence and involvement;
  3. Nurture appreciation and expertise in research; and
  4. Provide a deeper understanding of local and global realities enabling them to commit to personal and collective action for social innovation and transformation.

These experiences are reflective of the Lasallian Values of the Spirit of Faith, the Zeal for Service and Communion in Mission.


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