The creation of Liceo is a product of deep reflection, discernment, benchmarking, constant collaboration and hard work. The plan to open the Senior High School started during the term of Br. Ray Suplido FSC, the former President and Chancellor of USLS. LICEO, name inspired by a school in Erurope, is offering two additional years as preparation for tertiary education. It is basically designed to give the students the knowledge and skills to progress to any university or higher education institution. Kudos to the La Salle Brothers for their leadership, encouragement and support.

RA 10533 is an act enhancing the Philippine Basic Education System by strengthening its curriculum and increasing the number of years for Basic Education. LICEO is a separate entity from Integrated School but being part of basic education. Moreover, it's a hyrid educational organization - shared and blended with the best practices of IS and College Unit viz., systems, processes, procedures and other operational intricacies such as time schedule, uniform, discipline, teachers, laboratories, classrooms, extra-curricular activities and the like.

By God's grace the first School Year 2016-2017, there were 1,646 grade 11 students enrolled making Thirty Eight sections (20 STEM, 13 ABM, 3 HUMSS, 1 Arts and Design, 1 TVL).

The following School Year 2017-2018 with the arrival of Grade 12 students, there were 3,313 enrollees in Liceo with 76 sections.

The first graduation rites was on April 6,2018 with 1,461 graduates from the five(5) strands/tracks.