College Mission Statement

The College Unit of the University of St. La Salle aims to evangelize Christian men and women and challenge them to develop their full potential into becoming competent, confident, concerned and committed persons who are animated by the Lasallian spirit of faith and zeal to work for social transformation.

Anchored on Catholic Faith and especially accessible to those intellectually capable but financially underprivileged, the college commits itself to inculcate a passion for excellence with a soul, as all sectors journey together in a culture of openness, dialogue and commitment. Specifically, the College aims to form students who are:

  • Able to think and express themselves clearly, critically and objectively, enabling them to excel in their chosen fields and to translate knowledge into something useful for society;
  • Emotionally mature, socially responsible, and especially sensitive to addressing the needs of the less fortunate particularly the youth at risk;
  • Rooted in their spiritual and moral values, living these out in their daily decisions and actions as responsible members of their workplace, their family, Church, community, and society; and
  • Secure in the richness of their Filipino cultural heritage but respectful of cultural diversity, making them true citizens of the world.All these in the spirit of faith and zeal.


Program Learning Outcomes

  • Will have successful careers in engineering and technology and will have assumed professional roles in the society
  • Will have advanced their knowledge and expertise through continuous participation in professional development opportunities or graduate studies
  • Will be actively involved in professional organizations as well as community-based organizations



Undergraduate Programs

Graduate Programs

  • Master in

    •  Environmental Engineering

    •  Information Technology

  • Master of Engineering

    •  Electronics & Communications Engineering