• Hon. Alfredo Montelibano, Sr. donated 10 hectares of land to the Christian Brothers

  • La Salle College was founded by Br. Dennis Rushland FSC, Br. Hugh Wester FSC, Br. Felix Masson FSC with grade 1-5


  • The sixth grade was opened

  • High School opened with 67 students

  • College of Commerce opened with 25 students


  • The seventh grade was opened

  • Bro. Martin Castillo was appointed College Dean


  • The College had its 15 first graduates of Associate in Commercial Science (ACS)


  • Bro. Francis Cody, FSC was appointed the College Dean

  • The first issue of the Spectrum was published

  • Mr. Adolf Ledesma gave the name “Spectrum” to the campus paper


  • The College had its first 15 graduates of Bachelor of Science in Commerce (BSC)


  • The Gymnasium was built (now the Coliseum)


  • The College of Liberal Arts opened with 16 students

  • Br. Francis Cody FSC organized the Alumni Association


  • The Hacienda Schools  system started



  • The Brother’s Residence was built


  • The Graduate School of Business (MBA) started


  • The Chapel, designed by Lindy Locsin, was constructed

  • The College of Education opened (BSE & BSEd)

  • The College accepted female students

  • The Montelibano family and the De La Salle Brothers signed the Deed of Donation for the 10-hectare land where the University stands today


  • Cody Hall and the Prep classrooms were built

  • Br. Hugh Wester FSC was appointed College Dean


  • The College produced its first 16 BSE and first 5 BSEd graduates


  • Ong Chun Ying placed 4th of the CPA licensure board exam


  • Br. Rafael S. Donato FSC was appointed as the first Filipino Brother President of La Salle College

  • Ernie Villa ranked 6th placed in the CPA Licensure Board Exam


  • Silver Jubilee celebration

  • Wester Hall was constructed

  • PAASCU granted accreditation for 3 years to Commerce, Liberal Arts and Grade School


  • PAASCU granted 3 years accreditation to the High School

  • Lino Jison ranked 6th in the CPA Licensure Board Exam



  • PAASCU granted 5-7 years accreditation to 2 programs: Commerce & Liberal Arts

  • The Master Education Management program was started

  • Vicky Fernandez ranked 2nd place in the CPA Licensure Board Exam


  • Roberto Chua ranked 3rd place CPA Licensure exam

  • The Scholarship office was created to implement the Handumanan Scholarship Program


  • The Library was contructed

  • The five-year College of Engineering was opened

  • Br. Victor Franco FSC was appointed Presidents of the College


  • The College of Nursing was opened


  • The Basic Education Program was renamed USLS Integrated School


  • Br. Rolando R. DIzon FSC was appointed President of the College


  • Coral Jubilee Year

  • The Science and Engineering Building was constructed through ASHA grant


  • La Salle College-Bacolod was elevated to UNIVERSITY STATUS

  • Sonia de la Torre ranked 7th place in the CPA Licensure Exam


  • The First University Week was celebrated


  • CAS, CBA and Education were reaccredited by PAASCU for 5 years

  • Michael Sontingco ranked 8th place in the Chemical Engineering Board Exam


  • Ruby Jubilee Year

  • The Computer Center Building was constructed

  • The Performing Arts Center was constructed


  • The College of Law opened

  • Construction of St. Lasalle Coliseum was started

  • Fernando Belleza ranked 5th place in the Philippine Board Examination for Teachers


  • Emmanuel Siason ranked 1st place in the ECE Licensure Exam

  • Nadine Castillon ranked 6th place in the Nursing Licensure Exam

  • The University acquired the 55-hectare Granada Campus


  • The St. Lasalle Coliseum was completed

  • Elmer Baguioro ranked 7th place in the Chemical Engineering Board Exam

  • Irene Deslate-Gumboc ranked 7th place in the Nursing Board Exam

  • Mary Grace Go ranked 10th place in the Nursing Board Exam

  • The Granada Agriculture Farm was enstablished


  • Br. Ricky Laguda FSC was 1st place in the Teachers Board Exam

  • Wencesiao de la Paz ranked 3rd place in ECE board Exam

  • Michael Hugo ranked 4th place in ECE board exam

  • Suzanne Gustilo ranked 7th place in the Nursing Board Exam

  • USLS ranked 4th in the National ECE Licensure Examination

  • USLS ranked 3rd  place in the National CPA Licensure Examination

  • USLS ranked 4th  place in the National ECE Licensure Examination

  • USLS got 100% passing rate in the Nursing Licensure Exam

  • USLS got 100% passing rate in the Licensure Examination for Teachers

  • The Granada Ecopark was initiated


  • Carla Yson won the Gold Medal, Discus Throw 21st ASIAN Track & Field Championship in Penang, Malaysia

  • James Dinsay and Michael Benedicto, Philippine Team for Football in Thailand

  • Liezel Palisawan and Carlo Piccio, Asia-Pacific Swimming Champion


  • Br. Gus FSC EdD was installed President of USLS

  • Ralph Sarmiento ranked 10th place in the Bar Examination, one if the pioneer graduates of the College of Law, Batch 1997

  • Dympra Ormeo ranked 2nd place in the Nursing Board Exam

  • Sheryl Empinado ranked 4th place in the Chemical Engineering Board Exam

  • Ian Octaviano ranked 10th place in the Chemical Engineering Board Exam


  • Engineering Programs designated CHED as Center for Development

  • Accountancy Program designated by CHED as Center for Business Eduation

  • USLS cited by Private Education Retirement Annuity Association (PERAA) as one of 15 Colleges in the country which are “good sources of manpower for business firms”

  • Ryan Vargas ranked 1st place in the ECE Licensure Board Exam

  • Alfredo Barroca ranked 3rd place in the Licensure Exam for teachers

  • BSEEd obtained 100% passing rate in the LET

  • GSM/Law/Health Science Library Building was constructed

  • Darlene Joy Torre ranked 3rd place in the CPA Licensure Exam

  • Garry Blanca ranked 8th place in the ECE Licensure Exam

  • University Chorale was adjudged NAMCYA National Champion


  • USLS 806th NROTC topped the National Tactical Inspection

  • USLS declared 2nd top Accountancy School nationwide

  • Bahay Pag-Asa was constructed


  • Solomon Hall was constructed

  • GSM/Law/Medicine Office was constructed

  • USLS granted Autonomous Status by CHED

  • Janine Jean Jalandoni ranked 5th place in the CPA Licensure Exam

  • Jinoe M. Gavan ranked 3rd place in the ECE Licensure Exam

  • John David Pestano ranked 7th place in the Chemical Engineering Licensure Exam

  • The College of Law was Library adjudged as Model Centennial Library by the Supreme Court of the Philippines.



  • The Golden Jubilee of the University was  celebrated

  • The College of Medicine was opened

  • Carlo James Abrasia ranked 4th place in the Chemical Engineering Licensure Exam

  • Maricel Lo ranked 6th place in the CPA Board Exam

  • Therese Marie Golez ranked 7th in the CPA Licensure Exam

  • Ann Ann Joy Au ranked 10th in the CPA Board Exam


  • Benilde Hall was constructed


  • USLS was named Top SSS employer for western visayas

  • Primitivo Paypon was chosen as of one the Ten Outstanding Students of the Philippines

  • USLS ranked 1st in Category C of the CPA licensure exam

  • Allen Michael Arendon ranked 8th in the ECE Board Exam


  • USLS co-hosted the 2005 SEAGAMES for beach volleyball and boxing


  • The La Salle Yearbook Scholarship Fund was enstablished

  • The College of Medicine graduated its first 24 students

  • Mutien Marie Hall was contructed


  • Br. Raymundo B. Suplido FSC PhD was installed President

  • Brian T. Lim ranked 1st in the CPA Board Exam

  • Orville T. Lim ranked 1st in the CPA Board Exam

  • Rodyney Sia ranked 10th in the Electronics and Communications Engineering Board Exam

  • College of Law adjudged National Champion in the Moot Court Competition and represented the Philippines in the International Moot Court Competition held in Hong Kong

  • The Institute for Culinary Arts/Salon De La Salle/Café De La Salle facilities was constructed

  • The Institute for Culinary Arts De La Salle was opened


  • Level 3 PAASCU Reaccreditation of College of Arts and Sciences, Business and Accountancy, and Education

  • Level PAASCU Accreditation of College of Engineering


  • Mutien Marie Professional Schools Annex was completed

  • Renewal of CHED-5-Year Autonomous Status was granted

  • BS Chemical Engineering and BS Computer Engineering programs were designated as CHED Center of Development


  • The MM Annex Building was Inaugurated on May 24

  • The countdown for the Centennial Celebration was started on June 16

  • Mary Joy Garbanzos ranked 10th in the July 2010 Nursing Board

  • Liberty Ochavo ranked 3rd and Cinderella Francisco 9th in the August 2010 Guidance Counsellor Licensure Board Exam

  • The USLS Chorale bagged a Gold in Folklore Category and Two Silver for mixed

  • Choir and Spiritual/Jazz Category in the 3rd International Choir Grand Prix in Pattaya, Thailand on July 26

  • Philippine Jan de la Cruz was chosen to be one of the Ten outstanding Students of the Philippines, awarded at the Malacanang Palace on October 7

  • English Café was constructed


  • The College of Nursing was considered as a Candidate for Accreditation and is eligible to apply for a formal survey by 2011

  • Practicum Program (Singapore-Based) – MOA was signed between USLS and Service

  • On Line to field practicum USLS students (3rd & 4th year HM and Marketing  Students) in Singapore, 30 in the Hotel Industry and 20 in the Retail Boutiques

  • The Academic Probation Policy was strictly implemented for students who entered College at USLS in AY 2009-2010 or earlier and who have accumulated more than 24 units of failures

  • Verticalization of the Graduate Programs Incorporated in the Colleges

  • Schooling By Design

  • On June 4, 2010, a workshop was organized for the lead faculty implementers of SbD(Math 1, English 1, General Science, Rizal and Political Science). The College of Education and SbD Team prepared the calendar of activities and meetings for the Professional Learning Leaders.


  • USLS celebrated 100 years of Lasallian Presence in the Philippines

  • New Program Offerings for AY 2012-2013 : BS Food Technology, BSEd Early Childhood Education, BS Electrical Engineering

  • Programs for Instructional Improvement: Understanding by Design AY 2011-2012, Pedagogical Skills Development Program (PSDP), Moodle, Basic Course in Health Professions Education, DLSP Collegiate General Education Achievement Test (CGEAT)

  • Launching of the Project Stay program for students on academic probation

  • Academic Initiatives founded on the three Expected Lasallian Graduate Attributes (ELGA): Socially Responsible Christian, Critical Thinker, and Effective Communicator

  • Research: Collaborative Projects of the University Research Center, Strategies to accelerate activity, Publication of the URC Research Manual

  • Busog-Lusog-Talino Project

  • Business Resource Center Partnership with College of Business and Accountancy


  • Diamond Jubilee Year Celebration

  • Unigames returned to USLS

  • Jose Gabriel Javellana won silver in international Math contest in Singapore

  • Cesar Ian Claro and Erika Manolo placed 7th and 9th in June 2012 Nursing Licensure Exam

  • Brother’s Residence was remodelled to house the Students Activities Building to accommodate Culture and Performing Arts Committee, Spectrum, Yearbook, and Business Resource Center

  • Hanemar Ponteras and Khara Jane Abuana won THOS Awards from Bacolod Junior Chamber International

  • Balayan Social Development Office Celebrate 25th year

  • College of Medicine celebrate 10th year

  • Benj Mikko Tupas, Franza Kessler Sarmiento, and Nyrmla Kate Orcena named students ambassadors by Google in Southeast Asia

  • College of Nursing is Granted PAASCU Accreditation (2013-2016)

  • New Programs Offering for AY 2012-2013: BS Food Technologies, BSEd Early Childhood Education, BS Electrical Engineering

  • Hannel Pendon Scholarship Granted – Fullbright 2013 for Global Undergraduate Exchange Program

  • Career Services Office, The Forum, Track and Field, Salon De La Salle, Media Arts Laboratory, St. La Salle Academy of Arts and Culture were completed


  • Br. Ray celebrated his 50 years as a La Salle Brother

  • La Salle CARES – USLS (How Lasallian are we?): conducted sessions on how to strengthen the living out of our core Lasallian values.

  • USLS was granted re-accreditation for CBA, CAS, Education, and Engineering undergraduate programs as well as Graduate program in Education and in Business

  • USLS College of Medicine (on its 11th year) ranked number 11 top Medical School in the Country

  • Google Cloud Challenger Competition for Southeast Asia Championship was won by Franz Sarmiento and Katrina Tan Kit

  • Katrina Lamboson ranked 9th place in the Licensure Exams for Teachers. PBED study ranked our College of Education as number 7 in the country.

  • Quennie Elli and Alexandra Soledad made it to the Nationals of the prestigious Search for Ten Outstanding Students of the Philippines

  • USLS won twelve NOPSCCEA Championship and three National PRISAA Championship

  • Participated in the Typhoon Yolanda Relief Campaign

  • Strengthened the implementation of Special program in Pedagogical Skills Development Program (PSDP), Project Stay, Christian  Service  Learning Program Curriculum Alignment process, and Academe – Industry Linkages

  • Job Fair 2014 had a record of 75 participating establishments / companies

  • Organized SIYENSYA – YEAR  2 and hosted international conferences (MathEd and Knowledge Community)

  • Blessing and Groundbreaking of new Integrated School Campus