ABM Strand (Accountancy, Business and Management)

This strand focuses on learning the basic concepts of business and learning associated skills in other related fields like finance, management, corporate, and operations.

  • BS Commerce (no major yet) 
  • BS Real Estate Management
  • BS Accountancy 
  • BS Business Administration 
    - Business Economics
    - Marketing Management
    - Operations Management 
  • BS Entrepreneurship 
  • BS Accounting Technology 
  • BS Agribusiness 
  • BS Hospitality Management 
  • BS Tourism

STEM STRAND (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)

This strand focuses on equipping you with the knowledge and skills to solve tough problems, evaluate evidence, and make sense of the available information in creating innovative solutions through invention and discovery to improve the way of life.

  • BS Biology 
  • BS Nursing BS Food Technology 
  • BS Computer Science 
  • BS Information Technology
  • BS Psychology 
  • BS Engineering
  • - Electrical Engineering
  • - Chemical Engineering
  • - Computer Engineering 
  • - Materials Engineering
  • - Electronics Engineering
  • - Electronics Engineering 

HUMSS STRAND (Humanities and Social Science)

This strand helps you build a solid liberal arts foundation, detailed exploration of the theoretical aspects of your field and hands-on professional experience. This strengthens your logical reasoning and critical thinking which are needed skills once you go to college.

  • Bachelor of Elementary Education
    - General Education
    - Early Childhood Education
    - Special Education
  • Bachelor of Secondary Education
    - English
    - Social Studies 
    - MAPEH
    - Math
    - Physical Science
  • AB Psychology 
  • AB Political Science 
  • AB Communication 
  • Liacom (combination of Arts and Commerce degree courses)

GAS STRAND (General Academic Strand)

You can pursue any course in college and choose the path you want to take from there in case you are not yet decided on which field you want to take upon enrolling in SHS.

  • AB Interdisciplinary Studies


This track includes the fundamentals and Psychosocial aspect of Fitness, Sports, Movement and Recreation Leadership. It equips the students with basic coaching skills, exercise programming and first aid training.

  • Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in MAPEH


This track allows the students to explore different field of arts such as Media Arts, Visual Arts, Literary Arts, Dance, Music and Theater. It covers a comprehensive discussion and practical studies on appreciation, leadership and management on the said arts fields.

  • AB Communication
  • AB Interdisciplinary Studies


This strand equips the students with fundamental skills in Culinary Arts and Food & Beverage.


  • Cookery, Animation, 
  • Food and Beverage