Why Join Us

Interactive Learning with Fellow Students

Learning is mostly done in the classroom. But that never means you can only take it from there. With student groups, learning is taken into a whole new level. The experience broadens both the mind and the heart, as valuable lessons are learned under the companionship of others.

Learning from Professionals

With USLS ISACA Student Group, you do not only discover knowledge from your peers, but from professionals as well. Interact with various professionals during events and expand your horizons with their experiences.

Active Student Life

Join enjoyable campus events and deepen your camaraderie with your peers and discover new friends. Exercise a healthy student life and enjoy every minute of it while making new discoveries. Interact not only with people from respective course, but also with Accounting, Business, IT/Computer Science, and Engineering students.

Leadership Oppurtunities

Develop your leadership skills and have a considerable advantage in your future career. Boost your self-confidence and find the leader in you.

Valuable Connections

Get to know various people that could eventually help you in your path as a professional. Find something new and get to know your future career more by speaking and acting together with individuals specializing in IT audit, risks, security and governance.

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