Advancement Programs

GiftEd Programs

Green Fund
Gifts offered for the etablishment of Annual Grants, Endowments, Scholarships and Financial Aid .
La Salle Arts Fund
Gifts acquired in support of the Scholarship of Student-Artists
La Salle Stingers Fund
Gifts dedicated for student -athlete Scholarships and Financial Aid
Bahay Pag Asa Youth Center
Gifts solicited for the BPYC will be used to support the formation and transformational programs of the Center with the emphasis on basic education, spiritual formation, lifeskills, and livelihood skills of Children-in-conflict with the Law (CICL) and Children-at-Risk (CAR) housed at the Center
Honneur À Toi
is the premiere fundraiser of the University for capital development led by the Brother President, Chancellor and the USLS Board of Trustees.
Lingkod Lasalyano Pag-Ulikid Fund
The Pag Ulikid Fund is a tuition subsidy fund to help students continue their studies despite fortuitous events that might happen during the school year.