University of St. La Salle

Mission Statement:

Inspired by the example of St. John Baptist De La Salle, we, the Center for Lasallian Ministries, a catalyst for building Lasallian communities, commit ourselves to the holistic spiritual welfare of the members of the university.


Programs and Activities:

  • Adult Formation Program
    • Institutional Recollection for Lay Partners (In Person and Virtual)
    • Lenten, Advent, and New Years’ Reflection
    • Birthday Fellowships
    • Circulo Benildo Formators
    • DLSP National Formation Programs
  • Student Formation Program
    • Basic Education Unit Recollection
    • Higher Education Unit Recollection
    • Professional Schools Recollection
  • Liturgical and Non-Liturgical Activities
    • Daily Masses and Anticipated
    • Confession and Confirmation
  • Volunteer Formation Program
  • Pastoral Care Program