University of St. La Salle

The Museo De La Salle is a school-based museum in Bacolod City. In addition to its main collection of religious artifacts, the museum also features special exhibits that enable faculty, students and the Negrense community to deepen their appreciation of the Filipino cultural heritage. The Museum houses the international textile collection donated by Ms. Mara Montelibano.


Our History

It all began when the University of St. La Salle, through the former University President, Br. Gus Boquer, FSC, offered to be a repository of the diocesan ecclesiastical objects of the Sacred Heart Seminary. The collection of the University Research Institute was then fused with it, and then came the religious antique collection donated by the Vega Family. It was in 1997 that this repository was officially named MUSEO NEGRENSE DE LA SALLE.

The museum grew with the generous donations from patrons and donors who are mostly Negrense and whose families had been in one way or another, connected with the University of St. La Salle.

In 2011, University President and Chancellor, Br. Raymundo Suplido, FSC, led the inauguration of the JGM Textile Arts Center, the biggest international folk textile collection in the Philippines.


MIssion & Vision

Throughout the Philippine history and tradition, Chrisianity and intercultural relations have influenced the way of life of the Filipino. Museo Negrense de La Salle shall primarily endeavor to increase the understanding of the past and present religious and intercultural practices of Filipinos through the multimedia practices of the symbols of the Christian faith and other cultural artifacts.

Museo Negrense de La Salle also welcomes other opportunities to broaden the appreciation of arts, culture and history.


Contact Information

  Museo De La Salle Bacolod

  (034) 434 6100 loc. 186