University of St. La Salle

The Office for Student Affairs complements the academic programs in the promotion of the human and Christian education of students, guided by gospel values and the charism and ideals of St. John Baptist de La Salle.

In pursuit of the University’s mission and goals, it emphasized in its formation and development programs, Lasallian awareness and values, opportunities for pro-active and creative leadership in the service of others, and self-discipline and responsibility for character formation. It, therefore, desires to build the ‘total person’ of the individual student who is expected to become a catalyst for positive social change.

It carries out the effective and efficient delivery of pro-student services by tapping into the rich resources and potentials of the Lasallian community through the establishment of relationships based on partnership and shared mission with other sectors in and outside this community.

It aims to instill school spirit and positive pride in the University’s Lasallian traditions, achievements, and identity.

It seeks to work with and enhance the existing programs and initiatives of other institutional offices by providing students with venues for the appreciation of the quest for knowledge, of excellence in sports, and of exposure to culture and arts.


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  USLS Office for Student Affairs