University of St. La Salle
  •   Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Linguistics

    The program combines theory and practice in the areas of descriptive linguistics, English language, pedagogy, literary genre studies, textual criticism and other hyphenated disciplines of linguistics. The PhD in Applied Linguistics is a response to the need of English Language teachers for training in research and enrichment in theoretical and content knowledge. This program is designed for teachers who primarily teach English language courses and basic literature subjects in the general education curriculum.
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  •   Doctor of Philosophy in Development Studies

    The PhD in Development Studies is a program which equips students to look at development issues and problems from a multidisciplinary point of view. Students with substantive background in Social/Behavioral Science (Sociology, Anthropology and Political Science), Economics, Public Administration, Development Management and Development Education may qualify.
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  •   Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology

    The Ph.D. in PSYCHOLOGY program aims to train graduate students to contribute to basic and applied knowledge on contemporary psychological issues and to develop a professional and responsive psychological practice. Grounded on a research-based curriculum, students are expected to acquire competencies in psychotherapy and counseling with clients of multi-cultural backgrounds; assessment and diagnosis; organizational development and advocacy work in industry and social institutions, government and non-government organizations; psychology in the forensic setting; promotion of individual and community mental health and wellbeing.
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  •   Master in Public Management

    The Master in Public Management (MPM) is a comprehensive and integrated program designed to meet the needs of middle level administrators in local government units. It is organized around functional and multi- disciplinary contexts to provide policy makers, public managers and practitioners with a holistic orientation and professional competence to lead more effectively.
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  •   Master in Guidance and Counseling

    The Master of Science in Guidance and Counseling is designed for those individuals who seek advanced professional training in various student and human support services particularly in non-clinical settings such as education, business, health care, community extension programs and even judicial services. The program is an integration of academic foundations and professional training which is directed towards developing a qualified and specialized professional.
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  •   Master of Arts in Psychology

    The M.A in Psychology program commits itself integrating scientific inquiry with committed, responsible practice of psychology. Students are trained to conduct research relevant to psycho-social issues in their particular community and to anchor their professional practice on a solid empirical foundation. Through which students are envisioned to enhance their critical thinking skills, and to dedicate themselves in the pursuit of lifelong learning as well as to become highly responsible in their psycho-social engagement and professional practice. Graduates of the program are prepared to acquire a psychologist’s and psychometrician’s license from the Professional Regulatory Commission as well as a certification as a psychology specialist from the Psychological Association of the Philippines.
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