University of St. La Salle

Basic Services

Online / Telephone Counseling
Considered as the heart of the school guidance services, counseling is provided for individuals and groups. It integrates all the data gathered about the client and his / her environment in order to facilitate growth and adjustment, problem-solving and decision-making, crisis-intervention, personal-social wellness and development.




Individual Inventory
Designed to systematically collect, evaluate, and interpret data in order to determine the characteristics and potential of every client for purposes of proper diagnoses, counseling, predicting progress and behaviors, accurate placement, and program evaluation.





Psychological Testing

Involves use of standardized instruments or measurement device to quantify, understand, predict, and/or evaluate behavior, mental abilities and other personal characteristics of individuals.






Career Development and Placement

Assists individuals in preparing themselves to secure the most appropriate career and establish the most effective relationship with their chosen career.



Information, Training Consultancy and Research

Provided in the context of community extension, these services facilitate acquisition of certain kinds of knowledge, skills, attitudes and values relevant and responsive to personal-social, organizational and/or community needs and development.





Referral service is facilitated to assist clients in availing of specialized professional services that are beyond the scope and expertise of the guidance counselors, and are needed to address the clients’ specific concerns that include, but are not limited to, psychiatric, medical, legal and other related conditions.