University of St. La Salle
  •   Doctor of Philosophy in Business Management (PhD in Business Management)

    The PhD in Business Management program is a response to the need of business practitioners and educators for further enrichment in theoretical knowledge and for training in research in order to be globally competitive. The program includes both theory and practice in the areas of strategic planning, industry analysis and policy formulation. Research and/or independent study are the main features of the program.

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  •   Master in Business Administration 

    The Master in Business Administration program equips the students with the knowledge and skills needed in the field of business. They are trained to be effective leaders in the work area and as entrepreneurs committed to ethical work practices and social responsibility.

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  •   Master in Business Administration Major in Human Resource Management

    The Master in Business Administration major in Human Resource Management is designed for current and future leaders who desire the knowledge and skills to best leverage the human resources in an organization. Coursework prepares students to look at their organizations from a system-wide perspective and apply strategic thinking and critical analysis. Students are provided with opportunities throughout the program to apply their learning in current work environments and/or within their communities.

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