University of St. La Salle


The University of St. La Salle Research Program is guided by theCollege Mission Statement of “service to the Negrense community, the nation, andhumanity in general, by providing quality education, as it works to preserve and enhance all that is good in the Filipino culture, and by helping out people live a life of dignity to the fullest of their capabilities in the context of the Lasallian charism of Faith and Zeal; to do everything for God and to attribute all to God.”

Hence, the research program is committed to assist the University in achieving its vision, through a strong interface of: academic research, development research on institutional related needs, and integrative development projects in agriculture, biodiversity and environment, business entrepreneurship, health, specialized trainings and institute; all anchored on the Negrense community and the regional as well as national research priorities.


As an organizational unit, the University Research Center is established forthe primary purpose of coordinating and integrating University-wide research projects and research-related activities. It envisions to engage in a wide range of academic, applied and development research projects, as well as to mobilize available systems and resources with the end view of promoting quality education and improving the quality of life of the Negrense community.

Goals and Objectives

The core mission of the University Research Center is tooversee the research projects and research-related activities of the academic units of the University. More specifically, it aims:

  • To promote and assist in the developmental training of communities of scholars among administrators, faculty members and students who are willing and able to engage themselves in the conduct of academic and developmental research projects for the sustainability of the research program of the institution. 
  • To mobilize the multi-disciplinary expertise of the University in search of new strategies and programs that will help the Negrense community and the nation in general, in overcoming the constraints to its development. 
  • To secure resource funds coming from public and/or private sources intended to encourage and support research projects undertaken by the various units of the University. 
  • To ensure that research outputs and recommendations are published and openly disseminated. 
  • To link with key institutions and agencies in the various areas of the research program and to assist the University in collaborating with other public or private institutions engaged in and/or concerned with research. 
  • To convene, organize and support a series of research fora, colloquia and discussions as well as workshops on issues of local, regional, and national significance and in cooperation with relevant units or programs. 
  • To assist the academic and non-academic units in the formulation, implementation, monitoring and review of their respective research programs. 
  • To assist research units in the formulation of their norms and standards governing research projects. 

By and large, the University Research Center of the University of St. La Salle pursues the magnanimous task of creating and nurturing a research culture and climate befitting and relevant to a community of scholars in the University.