Program Learning Outcomes

Inspired by the charism of the founder and the model teacher, St. John Baptist de La Salle, the College commits itself to character education and competence-development in order to prepare future teachers who can effectively teach minds, touch hearts, and transform lives.

In consonance with the University Mission Statement, the Program is designed specifically to facilitate the development of a student-teacher who:

  1. Understands and internalizes the Lasallian Principles of Education;
  2. Manifests commitment to spiritual growth;
  3. Has the ability to guide young people to lead good lives, learn essential concepts and acquire desirable abilities and attitudes needed in the development of our nation;
  4. Demonstrates proficiency in all subject areas, especially in the professional and major courses; and
  5. Prioritizes one’s professional growth through continuing education programs and active involvement in research.

        The student who desires to enroll in this course must:

  1. Have a deep interest in teaching adolescents and children;
  2. Possess unwavering integrity essential for a Lasallian Educator;
  3. Be emotionally mature, dedicated, hardworking, and persevering in guiding the young;
  4. Have a good command of English; and
  5. Be generous and committed to educating the poor, as shown in outreach activities.

General Admission Policies

  1. High Schools graduates / transferees seeking admission to the College of Education must meet the cut-off scores set by the College:
  • High School GPA - 80% or better
  • University-Based Admission Test - 40% or better (HUMSS)
  • Interview - 10%
  1. Entering sophomores seeking admission to Elementary Education and Secondary Education for their majoring must have obtained at least an average of 80% based on the following criteria:
  • Grades of Qualifying Subjects for Freshmen - 40%
  • Qualifying Examination - 30%
  • Interview - 30%

General Retention Policies

  1. Students admitted on PROBATION must comply with the terms and conditions set by the College.

  2. The probation status is lifted if the student passes all his/her subjects during the semester of probation. However, the number of failures remains on record.

  3. Students with 18 units of failure in one semester shall be dismissed from the College.

  4. Students with accumulated failure of 24 units on or before the end of the first semester of their Junior year shall be dismissed from the College.

  5. Students who are admitted in the major program are required to maintain a final grade of at least 80% in all major subjects. Students who get a grade below 80% in any of their major subjects shall be placed on probation for the next semester. They are expected to obtain an 80% or better final grade in all their major subjects during the probationary period. Failure to meet the aforementioned condition for retention in the major program will result to dismissal from the program.

  6. Students who fail in any of their major subjects shall be automatically advised to shift to other programs within the College of Education, provided that they meet the criteria set by the program.

  7. Students admitted in the major program on probationary status must obtain a final grade not lower than 80% during the first semester of their majoring year.

  8. Students who get a grade below 80% in any of the Pedagogy Courses will be placed in probationary status for the following semester. Failure to lift the probationary status means dismissal from the College.

  9. Students who fail in any of the Professional Pedagogy Courses will be automatically dismissed from the College after the deliberation of the Academic Standard Committee of the College.

  10. Students who have taken 80% of the Pedagogy courses are automatically immuned in the College.

Undergraduate Programs