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BA Communication is a Communication-based program that covers fields of journalism, development communication, broadcasting, communication research, multi media studies, film, public relations, advertising, and the creative arts like theater and stage performance. Students are expected to do design thinking and production outputs in various courses. At the end of the four-year program, students are expected to be exposed to the industry through internship, an educational trip and their Senior Project.

Live your passion for Creativity and Communication

Program Education Objectives

Within three to five years after obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Communication, graduates are expected to:

1. Address information needs in a professional level by effectively assessing, organizing, producing, sharing and utilizing information and knowledge through the different creative formats and platforms, both existing and developing;

2. Uphold rights, responsibilities and accountabilities in the communication profession by employing communication theories/models, principles, practices, and tools in development work and adhering to ethical standards and practices; and

3. Demonstrate communication management and leadership skills, as well as entrepreneurial capabilities by navigating tools in the area of communication and media research and evaluation, to include development of highly effective communication and media plans.

Career Paths

Live your passion for creativity, storytelling and creating a social impact.

The field of Communication Arts encompasses a wide range of disciplines that are essential in today's fast-paced and interconnected world.

Communication graduates may pursue career paths in the following fields and industries:

  • Journalism
  • Development Communication
  • Broadcasting
  • Communication Research
  • Multi-Media Studies
  • Film
  • Public Relations
  • Advertising
  • Theater and Stage Performance

Each of these fields offers unique and valuable skills that are vital for effective communication in different settings.

Major Courses and Electives

Discover your path in Communication with our the Major Courses and Electives for BA students.


  • Introduction to Comm Media
  • Communication Theory
  • Communication, Culture, and Society
  • Risk Disaster and Humanitarian Communication
  • Journalism Principles and Practices
  • TV Principles and Practices
  • Radio Principles and Practices
  • Advertising Principles and Practices
  • Communication Planning
  • Communication Management
  • Communication Research Communication
  • Media Laws and Ethics
  • Knowledge Management
  • Thesis Development
  • Communication Internship
  • Senior Project


  • Photography and Multimedia
  • Radio and TV Production
  • Multi-Media Journalism
  • Events Management
  • Media Management and Entrepreneurship
  • Principles of Marketing
  • Film Appreciation
  • Film Production
  • Video Editing
  • Hiligaynon Communication
  • Introduction to Theater Arts
  • Advanced Advertising
  • Cinematography
  • Multimedia Storytelling
  • Sound Design
  • Basic Acting
  • Screenwriting
  • Make Up for Film and Television


  • Purposive Communication
  • Great Books
  • Mathematics in the Modern World
  • Environmental Science
  • Readings in Philippine History
  • The Contemporary World
  • Art Appreciation
  • Understanding the Self
  • Institutional Group Guidance
  • Ethics
  • Science, Technology and Society
  • Logic
  • Institutional Religious Studies
  • Physical Education
  • National Service Training Program
  • Public Speaking
  • Rizal
Notable Alumni


JOEL TORRE, acclaimed Filipino actor

Joel Torre is an accomplished Filipino actor and a proud alumnus of the University of St. La Salle. He has had an extensive career in the entertainment industry, both in film and television. Some of his notable works include the films "Oro, Plata, Mata," "Bayaning 3rd World," "On the Job," and "Heneral Luna," among others. He has also appeared in various TV shows, such as "Maalaala Mo Kaya," "Ikaw Lang Ang Mamahalin," and "Sana'y Wala Nang Wakas," to name a few. With his impressive acting skills and contribution to Philippine cinema and television, Joel Torre is considered one of the most acclaimed actors in the country.

ALVIN ELCHICO, media personality

Alvin Elchico is an accomplished alumnus of the University of St. La Salle creating waves in the field of media and journalism. Alvin's journey in the industry began in 1992 as a reporter, newscaster, producer, and desk officer for ABS-CBN Bacolod. In 1999, he made the move to ABS-CBN Main Headquarters in Manila where he continued to excel as a newscaster, reporter, and anchor. With a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications degree from his alma mater, Alvin's passions and academic foundation proved to be a solid stepping stone towards a fulfilling career in media.


Lawrence Fajardo is a multi-talented Filipino filmmaker, acclaimed for his accomplishments in the film and television industry as a producer, director, writer, and editor. Fajardo's prolific career spans several short and feature films, television series, mini-series, and documentaries. His filmography includes several award-winning productions that have been screened at major film festivals worldwide. Notably, he has won numerous awards for his work, including the Golden Dove Award at the Kapisanan ng mga Broadcaster ng Pilipinas and Best Provincial Political Ad for “May Type Ka?”. Fajardo's Lasallian education and exceptional passion for filmmaking and creativity continue to create great contributions to the entertainment industry.

CARMEL OSMEÑA-ORBIDA, artist and solid waste management advocate

Carmel Osmeña-Orbida, also known as "Checcs," a versatile and accomplished woman of varied interests and professions. With a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communications from the University of St. La Salle, Carmel has made a name for herself in the fields of writing, creative and brand consultancy, graphic design, and music. Her work has been recognized internationally, winning the Prix Jeunesse International Award for Batibot, a record she produced and scored. Alongside her successful career, Carmel is also a passionate advocate of solid waste management, having co-founded the award-winning PeacePond and established various organizations and workshops to educate and empower communities. With her broad experience and passion for her advocacies, Carmel continues to make a positive impact in various fields.

KURT SOBERANO, Events Host and Filmmaker

Kurt Soberano, a graduate of the BA Communication program in 2013, is a dynamic Lasallian filmmaker who has been creating ripples in the national film landscape with his acclaimed works such as "Golden Bells" (2022), "Azucar" (2019), and "Jameson" (2018). In the year 2023, his film "Golden Bells" received the prestigious title of Best Short Film at the 71st Film Academy for Movie Arts and Sciences (FAMAS). Notably, this same film also achieved recognition as a finalist in Cinemalaya 19. Beyond his role as a film director, Soberano stands out as a sought-after events host and a dedicated advocate for nurturing young filmmakers in Negros Occidental. His multifaceted contributions encompass not only artistic excellence but also fostering the growth and development of emerging talent in his region.

Internship Partners

Different esteemed organizations offer invaluable opportunities for Communication students to gain practical training, enhance their education and live their passions. Here are the internship partners for Academic Year 2022-2023:

  • Rappler INC.
  • 24 Concentrix CVG Philippines Inc.
  • 96.7 XFM
  • Greenpeace Sea Environmental Trust Inc.,
  • Office of Congressman Greg Gasataya
  • IFM 94.3 Bacolod Radio Mindanao Network
  • Eduksine
  • Focus
  • Direct, INC.
  • Orange Project
  • City of Bacolod
  • Philippines Inc.


Student and Campus Life

Communication students at the University of St. La Salle experience a vibrant campus life! Our students enjoy a dynamic and supportive environment that nurtures their passions and provides them with the tools to succeed. The Department is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities such as our multimedia and broadcasting studios, photography and editing labs. The Communication Society is an organization that empowers student-members and gives them the opportunity to explore and expand their skills while preparing for their future careers in the exciting field of communication.

Follow activities of the Communication Society here: 

 Communication Society USLS


Admission Requirements

The applicants who wishes to join the program must:

  1. Have a minimum grade of 83% in English 1 or any English subject/s taken in college;

  2. Have met the UBAT cut-off score set by the CAS (61-69%tile);

  3. Have attended the general orientation conducted by the department; and

  4. Have satisfactorily passed screening requirements set by the Department.

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Retention Policies

To be retained in the program, a communication major must:

  1. maintain a Grade of 83%in all major subjects and electives taken for the duration of the program with a GPA of 80%;

  2. Actively participate in the Communication Society and the Department’s co-curricular activities; and

  3. Comply with all the requirements set by the Department.


Furthermore, students will be dropped from the program due to any of the following reasons:

  1. Received a grade below 83in TWO professional courses and/or electives,

  2. Has poor attendance in Society-sponsored activities

  3. Is found to have violated standards of intellectual dishonesty (as stated in the student handbook).


A student who acquired a grade of 82 or lower in any ONE professional education course is placed under probation for the next semester. Said probationary status will be lifted only if the student receives no grade below 83 in ALL of his/her professional education course during the next semester.

Academic Officers and Faculty


Jade Snow Dionzon is a writer and a teacher. She is the chairperson of the USLS Communication Department. She graduated cum laude from USLS, holds a master in the English Language and a Doctor of Communication degree from the UP OU system. She was an instructor of the Institute of the Moving Image and was an acting teacher of the Negros Summer Workshops. She wrote for ABS-CBN RNG Bacolod and trains for oration and declamation. She had a number of stageplays, television scripts and screenplays produced to include ‘Ligaw Liham’ for Cinamalaya and ‘Prinsesa’ for CinemaOne Originals Digital Movie.





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 Communication Society USLS


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