Below are the steps and requirements to guide you in your admission to the University.


  1. Online Admission Form
  2. Check the availability of subject/s with the College you wish to enroll in.
  3. Please submit accomplished USLS Physical Examination Report Form noted by your physician and chest x-ray result at USLS Clinic. *Kindly upload your accomplished physical examination form, chest X-Ray result and digital photo on the link provided. Health Services Google Form
  4. Pay the admission fee of P200.00 at the USLS Cashier.
  5. Submit all requirements in a long white folderto ASAO:
  • Certificate or Permission to Cross Enroll from your current school with the Registrar’s signature and school seal (1 original and 2 photocopies)
  • Verification and Data Consent Statement Form w/ OAR Number
  • Photocopy of NSO birth certificate (for local students only)
  • Undertaking Form with 1x1 ID photo
  • Admission fee receipt
  1. Interview with College Dean and Department Chair
  2. Issuance of Admission Card.
  3. Pay upon enrolment fee at the USLS Cashier.
  4. Advising and Reservation of Subjects.
  5. Print, sign and validate Enrollment Form.
  6. ID Taking Picture