University of St. La Salle
  •   Doctor of Philosophy Major in Educational Leadership

    This program is designed to provide the knowledge base, research and inquiry skills essential to the advanced professional and academic development of educators. This is with the end in view of enabling them to carry out independent, critical, empirical and systematic examination of theories, strategies, principles, and practices related to the organization, content, processes, and outcomes of education. The program seeks to produce creative thinkers and innovative doers able to provide dynamic leadership in the strategic management of the evolving educational enterprise, as well as research scholars who can contribute to professional knowledge.

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  •   Doctor of Philosophy Major in Mathematics Education

    This program aims to develop mathematics educators who are highly competent in content and teaching methodology. It also aims to equip them with the skills necessary to conduct, direct and evaluate researches related to the teaching and learning of mathematics. The graduates are expected to be able to follow the latest developments in mathematics education. They are also expected to play active roles in promoting and improving mathematics education.

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  •   Master of Arts in Education Major in Educational Leadership

    This program provides students with knowledge, competence, values and skills required in leadership which are imperative in managing schools effectively and efficiently with the context of national development and for the pursuit of further studies. It is expected that at the end of the coursework, students are required to write and defend a thesis that would enhance the practice of educational leadership and management and contribute new knowledge in the field.

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  •   Master of Arts in Education Major in English Language

    The program is designed to develop the skills and competence of students in the teaching of English Language. It also provides venue for advance learning in language that enhances English teachers professionally by exposing them to the latest developments in language teaching. Students are ushered to become effective in teaching and research.

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  •   Master of Arts in Education Major in Marriage and Family

    This program aims to give the students the opportunity to deepen their awareness of marriage and family in the light of faith. This program uses the interdisciplinary approach to prepare the students in their exercise of more qualified services towards marriage and family life ministry in their own communities.

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  •   Master of Arts in Education Major in Mathematics

    The program is designed to cater Lasallian graduate students a holistic development in both personal and professional aspects. It provides learning experiences necessary for instruction and supervision capability building. These experiences target attainment for its graduate a highly specialized mathematical knowledge and skills, advanced pedagogical competencies, basic educational management aptitude, research and community outreach and community outreach capacity and characterized Lasallian core values.

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  •   Master in Education Major in General Science

This is a non-thesis program designed to develop competent elementary and secondary teachers in General Science. The courses are designed to ensure that the students have a good grasp of the basic principles and concepts in their respective disciplines. In addition, they are exposed to the latest development in laboratory techniques and approaches in the teaching of General Science, Chemistry, Biology, Physical Science/Physics, and Math.

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  •   Master of Arts in Education major in Teaching in the Challenged Areas
    • For Teachers in
      • Alternative Learning System
      • Culturally Diverse Communities
      • Geographically isolated and disadvantage areas
      • Indigenous Peoples Schools
      • Urban Challenged Schools
      • Last Mile Schools

  •   Master in Education Major in Reading, Language and Literature

    This is a non-thesis program designed for those who are committed to teaching English, Reading, and Literature. The courses are directed toward practical pedagogical applications of theoretical principles derived from the fields of linguistics, literature, and reading. Students are trained in the teaching of reading and writing, speaking, and listening in English, as well as in the appreciation of literature. Additional emphasis is given to curriculum design and management.

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