University of St. La Salle

Grupo Letras Y Figuras

which literally means “letters and figures”, is an art style that took place in the late 19th century in the Philippines, when new patrons of the visual art were established with the onset of the rice and sugar crop boom.

Aside from the portraitures done for well-off families, the Grupo Letras Y Figuras also connote the status of a family during the epoch. It is usually depicted on paper using watercolour.

The Grupo Letras Y Figuras then depicts the name of the patron and showcases his/her lifestyle through forming the individual letter of the patron’s name itself.

The visual arts group, originally dubbed as the Artists’ Guild, opted to adopt the name since it embodies the distinct trait of the Philippine arts despite influences of the Spanish art scene. The GRUPO LETRAS Y FIGURAS aims for uniqueness without totally disregarding possible influences of the current art scene.

 Grupo Letras Y Figuras

  1. Tap and draw together students in the institution who are artistically gifted in the field of visual arts
  2. Hone their talents and improve their skills in creating artworks
  3. Identify potential artists and candidates for local, national and international visual arts competitions to further give recognition to the institution in the field of visual arts
  4. Re-educate the society on the essential value of the visual arts by focusing on its most important contributions to the individuals and the society as a whole


Growth in Art

GRUPO LETRAS Y FIGURAS (also known as GLYF) of the University of St. La Salle is a collective of young and self-taught artists in the visual arts field. The club is comprised of both college and senior high school (Liceo de La Salle) students from the university.

Embodying what it takes to be a Lasallian Artist, GLYF holds exhibits during the biggest of events in the university; promoting art through the eye of various significant issues that concerns our youth and the society.

GLYF as a group of young learning creatives, specializes on no signature style, rather takes up on any influence from the classics to modern;
surely to grow out of the pot.

Carrying their ultimate tagline “growth in art”, GLYF aims to spread out their talents and knowledge on the visual arts field everywhere and in any way possible, hence the logo of a pencil growing out leaves that symbolizes life in art.