University of St. La Salle


The Institute of the Moving Image (IMI) is a program of the University of St. La Salle, under the Institute for Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning (ICELL). It envisions an Institute as a tool of strengthening Lasallian education thru the arts.


The Institute of the Moving Image aims to reinforce the Academic programs of the University. With its varied platforms, it seeks to:

  1. Enhance knowledge and skills related to the arts;

  2. Cultivate cooperation and collaboration;

  3. Increase alliances with the other sectors of the local and international art communities and organizations;

  4. Support the academic programs;

  5. Develop Diploma courses;

  6. Build the Visayan Digital Moving Image Archive.


La Salle Bacolod Institute for the Moving Image aims to:

  1. Provide Lasallian arts education within and outside the University in the field of the Moving Image thru special certificate courses; 
  2. Support the present academic programs of the institution by offering special, supplementary and complimentary courses; 
  3. Support art education thru the MI archives; 
  4. Expose the students, faculty, and staff of the University to the different disciplines of the arts thru the MI - Artist in Residence program; 
  5. Provide a venue for discussion thru film screenings, exhibitions, and artists-audiences interaction;
  6. Be a leader in the Visayan region in the field of the Moving Image;
  7. Nurture the community thru various enrichment programs throughout the year;
  8. Explores, propose and launch innovative programs for the growth of Arts education as directed by the President.