University of St. La Salle

The University of St. La Salle is home to several campus clubs and organizations that have been established to provide enrichment activities for students as well as become venues for engagement, interest, and opportunities. These campus clubs and organizations include academic clubs anchored on the university’s different program offerings, Socio-Civic Organizations that focus on student involvement in matters of the society and service, and Special Interest Organizations that allow students to explore their different interests along with people who share the same. 

With these campus clubs and organizations, the university is able to provide a holistic learning experience while also creating sustainable relationships and networks with and among the students.  

Academic Clubs

Association of Creative Entrepreneurial Students (ACES)

ACES aims to plan and spearhead ideal and structured activities and programs for Entrepreneurship students in order to equip them with the demands of the entrepreneurship world. More so, to instill in their minds and hearts the real values of Faith, Service and Communion in Mission through activities centering and upholding Lasallian values.

Association of Food Technology Students (AFTECHS)

The AFTechS is an organization for Food Technology Students and established in AY 2013-14 with the launch of a new program, BS Food Technology. The quality over quantity mindset of AFTechS makes them passionate and excellent in delivering their goals and objectives and in serving the community as well. With its active participation and cooperation in university activities and student affairs, the club organization received a Full Accreditation status in the institution AY 2017-18.

Alliance of Tourism Leaders and Associates Society (ATLAS)

ATLAS is a club of globally competitive tourism students who are academically equipped about the history, technicalities, and the tourism trends present today. Not only are the members academically equipped but the club produces students who are confident in carrying themselves in the present industry. Overall, the club is focused on producing strong, intelligent, influential, and professional tourism students for our industry’s future.

Institute of Computer Engineers of the Philippines. Student Edition – USLS ( - USLS) – USLS is an organization of Computer Engineering students affiliated with ICpEP. - USLS reaches out with technology-related seminars and community outreach programs. – USLS also focuses on the holistic development of its members- social, environmental, spiritual, moral and equips them with values inspired by the charism of St. John Baptiste De La Salle.

Computer Science Society (CSS)

CSS is the organization of Computer Science students which aims to promote computer literacy among its members and the comunity through regular computer workshops and seminars.

Decision Makers Incorporated (DMI) 

DMI is the official club of all Business Management majors of the College of Business and Accountancy. It aims to develop leadership skills among its members to prepare them for effective leadership in the future.

Integrated Institute of Electrical Engineers – USLS Student Chapter (IEE-USLS SC)

IIEE-USLS SC is composed of Electrical Engineering students dedicated in making a difference in the community by providing various social activities and academic activities related to the field of Electrical Engineering. IIEE reaches out with the electricity-related tutorials and also focuses on social interactions with other IIEE Student Chapters and the holistic development of its members and equips them with the three Lasallian Core Values namely, Faith, Service and Communion.

Information Technology Society (ITS) 

ITS is a academic organization composed of information technology major in University of St. La Salle. This organization aims to promote camaraderie between its member and also to uplift the level of IT students’ capabilities thus to compete with other school.

Institute of Electronics Engineering of the Philippines, USLS Chapter (IECEP) 

IECEP is an academic club which trains ECE majors to be competitive in their field, promote progress and development among its members, and prepare them to be effective leaders and engineers of the future.

Intellectually Diversified Students’ Organization (IDS.Org)

IDS.Org is the academic organization of the Interdisciplinary Studies students. It fosters excellence in education and addresses the extra-curricular development needs of the students specifically in personality development, social interaction and development, community involvement, and spiritual formation and development, abiding by its main tenet which is respect for individual freedom and differences.

Green Ranchers

Green Ranchers is the academic organization of the Agribusiness Students.


Junior Philippine Economics Society, USLS Chapter

JPES-USLS builds a strong, globally-responsive co-curricular foundation for its members by integrating theory and practice through the use of academic knowledge acquired in the service of community and nation building. JPES-USLS commits to providing each member varied opportunities to develop their interests and harness their talents for positive personal and social transformation, all in a spirit and culture of openness and transparency.

Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants (JPIA)

JPIA is the official organization of the Accountancy majors in the University. It is a legitimate student-counterpart of the Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants (PICPA). JPIA provides avenues for Accountancy students to maximize their talents and capabilities not only in the field of academics but also in the social, spiritual, physical, and personal aspects of their lives. The club also aims, through its activities, to establish camaraderie and fellowship among its members to help them overcome the challenges of the course in unity.

Junior Philippine Institute of Chemical Engineers (JPIChE)

JPIChE is an organization of Chemical Engineering students affiliated with the Philippine Institute of Chemical Engineers-Negros Chapter. It aims to promote the advancement of Science and Technology and develop among its members the awareness of the scope and importance of the Chemical Engineering profession.

Lasallian Society of Hospitality Managers (LSHM)

Lasallian Society of Hospitality Managers aims to provide its members activities that complement their classroom experiences in preparation for effective practice of the hospitality profession.


Marketers’ Union (MU) 

MU is open to all students taking up Marketing. The club aims to foster unity among its members, serve as a training ground effective and efficient marketing and provides a venue for personal growth and enhancement of its members. By allowing them to explore opportunities for further development. Enhancement activities include seminars, spiritual activities, cultural events, sports, fieldtrips, outreach activities, and academic programs.

Communication Society USLS (CSU)

This is an academic organization composed of Communications students. It focuses on the skills, talents, and abilities of the individual to communicate his feelings, ideas, and opinions to others. It involves cultural, developmental, and spiritual activities. The Organization aims to serve and open the minds of each member to the different existing realities as well as his/her role in society as a communicator.

Materials Engineering Students Society (MESS)

MESS is an official and academic organization for Materials Engineering students which aim to help mold MATE majors to be well-rounded and responsible lassalians. Well-rounded in terms of being competitive in the field, and to help develop the members towards their journey to being professionals and as persons. The club provides and allows members, through its various activities, to become aware of the importance of their role, not only in their profession, but also as a part of society itself.

Political Science Society

The Political Science Society is committed to the holistic development of its members by honing their intellectual capabilities through programs and activities that foster a culture of inquiry of integrity, openness, and concern for the welfare of the greater majority.


Pre-Med Society 

This organization of Biology majors aims to instill ethics and values, real and sincere service, competence and empathy in the preparation of its members for future medical studies and for other Biology-related professions. It also aims to develop its members into competent and well-rounded individuals through fun activities, outreach programs, and socials that foster friendship and camaraderie.

Psychological Society

The Psychological Society is the official club for Psychology majors, conceived to be the bonding instrument of the Psychology students and a venue for learning and interaction. The club proactively strives to renew its commitment to the total formation of its members, sustainable community and outreach programs, relevant psycho-spiritual activities and an affirming involvement and active leadership in all campus activities.

Society of Young Accounting Technologists (SYAT) 

The Society of Young Management Accountants, commonly known as SYMA, is the official academic club with which all Management Accounting (MA) students belong and identify themselves. SYMA provides the best venue for MA stude nts to maximize their talents and capabilities in Academics, Religion, Sports, Cultural, Social and other important aspects that contribute to their holistic development. It also provides a venue to help the members overcome the challenges of the course by conducting numerous activities, each geared at providing the students with the necessary tools in becoming “mature, responsible, effective and worthy citizens of the community.”

YES Club

The Young Educators’ Society is a bona fide federation of three different majors of the College of Education that envisions to mold future Lasallian educators to be equipped in instilling wisdom and paragon of values in young children to be globally competitive through holistic involvement in high quality and sustainable activities embedded with the Lasallian core values of faith, zeal for service, and communion in mission.


ASSET is a fully accredited club of the College of Education committed to the holistic formation of the future Lasallian secondary education teachers with pedagogical skills and possesses Christ’s love to become globally competitive professional educators. ASSET aims to empower its members to do more not just their responsibility as club members but also to extend their skills and abilities in forming an active and dynamic Christian community.

Socio-Civic Organizations

Amity Youth Volunteers - La Salle (AYVLS) 

The club promotes safety awareness by conducting trainings that equip its members & the community the confidence to perform basic life saving techniques when emergency situation arises & medical assistance is not readily available, provide activities that awakens the youth’s socio-civic responsibility and a good venue in developing camaraderie among the Lasallian youth.

Red Cross Youth Council (RCYC) 

The council aims to develop La Sallian leaders who will serve humanity as active and competent volunteers. The USLS Red Cross youth are prepared for responsible participation in the world of work, community, the local church and the society, through La Sallian educational experiences integrated with the principles of Red Cross movement. These dynamic processes will bring forth awareness and a deeper understanding of social awareness, impel members to translate their knowledge and skills on first aid and saving lives, health promotion, blood donation and care for the environment.


This is an international program for young men and women aged 18 to 30 who believe they can make a difference by providing opportunities for young adults to enhance the knowledge and skills that will assist them in personal development, address physical and social needs of their communities and promote better relations between all people worldwide through a framework of friendship and service.

Special Interest Organizations


Earthguards is composed of students from different colleges whose objective is to protect and take care of the environment. It also aims to provide members with various programs and activities that will enable them to define their responsibilities and as protectors of the environment.

Engineering Society (ES) 

ES is composed of first and second year Engineering Students. Its objective is to discover and develop the potentials of its members, foster excellence, promote their maturity by providing them well-defined activities that enhance their intrapersonal and interpersonal relationships. In particular, the ES supports the Engineering Student Council in all its activities as well as promotes the welfare of the student body in the College of Engineering.

Philippine Instrumentation and Control Society (PICS)

The Philippine Instrumentation and Control Society – PICS is an organization that aims to help engineering students of different majors in their fields through seminars and useful activities. It intends to unite the engineering department.

USLS ISACA Student Group

The USLS-ISACA Student Group is a special interest organization that exists to expand recognition of the IT Audit and Assurance, Security, Risk Management and IT Governance disciplines, by extending education beyond the classroom on standards, practices, and certification through student empowerment. It seeks to create opportunities and experiences, connect students and IT governance professionals by collaborating with ISACA Manila Professional Chapter and ISACA International. Through its activities, the USLS ISG promotes camaraderie, resource sharing and networking among students from different disciplines and colleges.