University of St. La Salle

Many other developments are not mentioned but more relevant are the following activities which attribute to the Agribusiness Farm a nature which is undeniably a site of learning and education.


  1. Hosting and graduation of Farm Technicians of about 118 persons from Dec. 2012 to November 2019.
  2. Hosting of one section Integrated School students in a transplanting activity for rice.
    This was through the facilitation of Ms. Yaying Gaston in the early 2000’s.
  3. Involvement with the livelihood training program for PAGASA residents during the administration of Br. Gus Boquer FSC.
  4. Hosting of students for part of their on-the-job (OJT) requirements.
    1. As practicum site for students to join operations.
    2. As site for students to practice “production activities”
      i. Roses-Vihen Tio
      ii. Pepper-Rice Española
      iii. In Farm Operations-self financed and managed by students.
  5. Providing the Agribusiness Students with laboratory opportunities and activities for their subjects. Our head technician, conducted part of his OJT on site.
  6. Serves as a site for Agribusiness students researches, which to date include the
    a. Swine parasites
    b. Native Pig production
    c. Rabbit parasites
    d. Rice Production
    e. Pechay Production
    Care of Ms. Bachinela
  7. Hosting of two (2) hectares of biotechnologically fertilized sugarcane. With the De Leon Foundation. Primary function is to assess yield and profitability in field. Two year study concluding end of CY 2019-2020.