Vega Collection 

Divided into three periods in the history of Negros and Wesern Visayas, the collection houses images of saints made by Filipino craftsmen and books in Spanish and Latin during the Spanish regime; vases and porcelain from Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai traders of the pre-Hispanic era; remnants of the Japanese invasion and rural Filipino life.


Ledesma Collection 

Images of Sto. Niño enshrines in traditional mini-altars from Bohol called Urna illustrates Visayan piety and devotion to the Child Jesus in this collection. The collection also features a three-tiered mini-altar adorned with various representations of the Holy Mother including Our Lady of Sorrows and a rare image of the legendary Lady of Loreto.


Esteban Collection

 A hodgepodge of antique and contemporary religious art, this is an anthology of exquisite taste. The Collection features towering figures of the Catholic Church founding patriarchs St. Peter, the first pope, and St. Paul, the first international evangelist; and ivory and wooden depiction of the Holy Family's Flight to Egypt from the persecution of Herod.


Velayo-Javelosa Collection

The soft, smooth, and flowing style of the porcelain masters of Lladro is evident in this collection of Madonna and Child contemporary art. On loan is a collection of Faberge Easter eggs.